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DELONGHI Descaler EcoDecalk DLSC500 Bottle 500ml (Pack of 1)

£13.95 £11.00

JURA 2-phase Descaling Tablets (9 pcs)

£15.50 £11.00

SIEMENS Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

£9.95 £8.50

KRUPS F054 Descaling Anti-Calc Powder (2 pcs)

£9.95 £5.75

SIEMENS BOSCH Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

£9.95 £8.50

ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for Miele (6 pcs)

£9.95 £5.00

SIEMENS Descaling Tablets TZ80002N

£14.95 £12.50

SIEMENS EQ Series - 2in1 Descaling Tablets (3 pcs) TZ80002B

£14.95 £13.50

SIEMENS EQ 2in1 Descaling Tablets (3 pcs)

£14.95 £12.50

WMF Liquid Descaling (750 ml)

£12.90 £8.90

DURGOL Swiss Steamer - 500 ml

£15.00 £12.95

BOSCH Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

£9.95 £8.50

SIEMENS Descaling Tablets for EQ series (3 pcs)

£14.95 £13.50

BOSCH Descaling Tablets for Vero Series (3 pcs)

£14.95 £13.50

SIEMENS BOSCH 2in1 Descaling Tablets (3 pcs)

£14.95 £12.50

BOSCH Vero 2in1 Descaling Tablets (3 pcs)

£14.95 £12.50

JURA 2-phase Descaling Tablets (36 pcs)

£57.50 £37.50

BOSCH Tassimo Descaling Tablets (4 pcs)

£9.95 £8.95

DELONGHI DLSC003 Coffee Machine Descaler (2 x 100 ml)

£12.95 £7.50

BOSCH Vero Series - 2in1 Descaling Tablets (3 pcs) TCZ8002A

£14.95 £13.50

DELONGHI Genuine Delonghi Espresso EcoDecalk, 500ml (5513296041)

£13.95 £11.00

DELONGHI Descaler for coffee machine for De'Longhi ECAM 23.420; Magnifica ESAM 04.120, ESAM 3000; Magnifica S ECAM 22.360

£12.95 £7.50

DELONGHI Descaler for Coffee Machines 2 x 100ml Bottles

£12.95 £7.50

DELONGHI Descaler EcoDecalk 2 x 100ml

£12.95 £7.50

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Coffee Machine Descaler

Descalers are required to combat the natural build-up of limescale. This chalky residue, which is found within any appliances or equipment which heats up water, can cause various issues. As more and more limescale deposits are left behind, it can lead to blockages, damage, and corrosion.

Along with hurting the health of your household appliances, limescale can also directly affect you. If you drink rust-infected water, this can negatively impact its taste and potentially be harmful to your health.

To avoid all of these issues, a descaler product can be used to get rid of limescale and protect your appliances.


Coffee and espresso machine descaler

There are various kitchen and bathroom appliances that suffer from limescale build-up. However, this is a particular issue when it comes to coffee machines. Limescale can form within machines out of sight, which is why it is seen as a ‘silent killer’ for such appliances.

Make no mistake, if left untreated, limescale can lead to your coffee machine ending up on the scrap heap. It can also cause various other issues. This includes poor tasting coffee, while a calcified machine will sputter insufficient quantities of coffee per cup.

The solution: specialist descaler for coffee machines.

Knowing the importance of eliminating limescale, we stock a wide range of coffee machine descaler products. From liquid formulas to tablets, these descalers are designed to treat limescale and prevent any future build-ups. We also feature descaler products from popular coffee machine brands, including Sage, De’Longhi, and Bosch.

Forget about expensive repair bills or replacing your coffee machine with a new one. With our products, you can successfully remove limescale and keep your appliance in tip-top shape. Whether you run a café or just enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, don’t let maintenance standards slip as you ensure your coffee machine continues to function flawlessly.       


Descaling other household appliances

Along with our coffee machine descaler products, we also supply descalers for other household appliances. It is recommended that, for any appliances with hard water areas, you should descale every three months. For those with soft water areas, descaling should be done every six months.

By staying on top of limescale, you can extend the lifespan of appliances such as your kettle and steam oven. It also means these mineral deposits don’t interrupt their performance and efficiency.

Rather than spending hours cleaning your appliance every few months, our descaler products make the job an effortless one. Get rid of unsightly calcified build-up without any hassle, providing your household appliances with good-as-new performance and shine.


Why use Descaler UK

Whether you are searching for an espresso machine descaler or a product to effectively clean your steam oven, we have got you covered. Descaler UK is the leading provider of cleaning solutions for coffee machines and other appliances.

As well as offering the best range of descaling products, our experts are always available to offer any help and assistance you may require. Add in our commitment to ship products on time, and there’s no reason to go anywhere else for your descaling needs!


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