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A coffee machine requires frequent cleaning to ensure optimal performance. While you might focus on descaling to get rid of limescale, there’s another component of a coffee machine that is often neglected: the milk system.

Present in commercial, semi-automatic, and automatic espresso machines, a milk system helps to transform an ordinary cup of espresso into a creamy, delicious cappuccino, flat white, latte, and various other enticing coffee-based beverages.

Yet without using a milk system cleaner, the performance of your coffee machine will quickly deteriorate. This is why it’s important you purchase the right milk cleaner for your system.


What issues occur when you don’t clean your milk system?

A milk system comes in various different forms. In essence, however, it is a part of your coffee machine which makes some form of contact with milk. This part could be a steam wand, a physical milk jug, or a milk frother. If you fail to use a milk cleaner for this component of your coffee machine, it can lead to various problems.

This is because if a milk system is left unclean, it will tend to cause a build-up of fats and milk stones. Furthermore, this build-up can go rancid and lead to harmful bacteria existing in your coffee machine. This could filter through into your cups of coffee, which can make you or others ill once consumed.

This is just the start of the issues if a milk system cleaner is not used. It can have a significant detrimental impact on the performance of your machine. If not using a milk cleaner, it could lead to a clogged pipe or steam nozzle, and this may lead to the steam wand’s anti-suction valve getting blocked. The result: milk getting into the boiler. Fixing this can set you back thousands, whether you decide to repair the machine or replace it entirely.


The right milk system cleaner

With the importance of maintaining your milk system, it’s important you select the right milk cleaner for your coffee machine. The great news: you can find a wide range of appropriate cleaning products on this page.

From specialist milk frother cleaner products to those designed to clean steam wands, we have every option you could require for your coffee machine’s milk system. In addition, we stock official milk cleaner products from renowned manufacturers like KRUPS, Miele, and Sage.

Cleaning the milk system needs to be done on a regular basis, particularly if it’s a commercial machine that is used on a consistent basis. It is recommended to do this at least once every week. Fortunately, with our milk system cleaner products, the job itself is a quick and painless one!


Descaler UK: #1 supplier of milk cleaner products

At Descaler UK, we have the best selection of milk system cleaner products available on the market. If you need any help with picking the right cleaning product for your coffee machine, our team of experts is also available to supply assistance when you need it to ensure you make the right choice.


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