MELITTA AntiCalc Powder for Espresso Machines (2 pcs)

MELITTA AntiCalc Powder for Espresso Machines (2 pcs)

Melitta Anti Calc Espresso machinesDescaler for Melitta Caffeo coffee machines and coffee pod machines. Types: Caffeo Bistro, Caffeo Gourmet, Caffeo Solo, Caffeo Solo Milk, Caffeo Lattea, Caffeo CI, Barista T, Melitta Barista and more.
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2 portions of Melitta Descaling Powder.
Two times descaling a Melitta coffee machine.



A Melitta coffee / espresso machine has to be descaled every 4 - 6 weeks. Limescale forms when water is heated. It may cause serious trouble for the machine as the small parts of scale will block the boiler and tubes.

Melitta AntiCalc Liquid descaler is suitable for all Melitta coffee machines, including: Melitta Caffeo Bistro, Melitta Caffeo Gourmet, Melitta Caffeo Solo, Melitta Caffeo Solo & Milk, Melitta Caffeo Lattea, Melitta Caffeo CI, Melitta Barista T, Melitta Barista, Melitta Varianza, Melitta Passione.



1) Add 500ml clean water in the watertank of the Melitta coffee machine
2) Add 1 portion Melitta Descaling Poweder to it.
3) Start the descaling program of the machine.



Descaling will not clean the machine from grease and other dirt. Use Melitta Perfect Clean tabs for that.

Name AntiCalc Powder for Espresso Machines (2 pcs)
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4.8 stars based on 5 reviews

Water cartridge - Bought it for peace of mind seems to do the job

Door El triker op 27-11-2020

Cleaned as promised - Followed instructions on product and machine. But the first coffee after clean tasted of cleaner. Cleaned water container again and was ok.

Door DiDi op 31-10-2017

Excellent product - Excellent product, works very well.

Door Shandy op 20-06-2017

Awesome - This was the best product I ever used my machine was sparking after using <br>Just for followed instructions on pack I have tried the rest now I have the best

Door Richie op 07-11-2016

Cheap descaler for Melitta - Excellent quality for a very reasonable price!

Door Product reviewer Descaler UK op 27-02-2016

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AntiCalc Powder for Espresso Machines (2 pcs)
AntiCalc Powder for Espresso Machines (2 pcs)
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