SIEMENS BOSCH Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

SIEMENS BOSCH Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

The Siemens Bosch Decalcifying Tablets are suitable for fully automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines, filter-coffee machines and electric kettles. Citric acid based descaling tablets. Avoid problems - descale regularly!
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6 Siemens and Bosch descaling tablets, 18 grams each. 
Gives you 3 to 6 descaling doses.



Frequently used coffee machines develop limescale. Although limescale is not detrimental to your health, it does shorten the durability of your precious coffee and espresso machine. That is why it is necessary to regularly descale the machine with Siemens Bosch Decalcifying Tablets.

Limescale forms when water is heated or boiled. Limescale forms during the heating of ‘hard water’ which contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions. The small pieces of limescale that form and can end up in your tea or coffee.

Siemens and Bosch coffee machines will display a message when it is time to descale the machine. For descaling use the special Siemens Bosch Decalcifying Tablets.

The limescale is safely and reliably removed by these Decalcifying Tablets.



Siemens and Bosch coffee machine with a descaling programme:
Dissolve two Siemens Bosch descaling tablets into 0.5 litres of lukewarm water in a separate container. After five minutes pour the solution into the water tank. If necessary, fill the rest of the tank up to the water mark with lukewarm water. Please ensure that you carefully follow the appliance's descaling instructions.

Siemens and Bosch coffee machine without a descaling programme:
For the normal descaling process, use one Siemens Bosch decalcifying tablet in 0.5 litres of water, or two Siemens Bosch decalcifying  tablets for a more concentrated effect. Pour the solution into the water tank of the coffee machine or kettle. The heating element should then be switched on – please ensure that the solution does not foam over. After completion of the descaling process, the appliance should be rinsed three times with clean water. Please refer to the instructions for use of the machine / device.

Instructions in other languages are included with the Siemens Bosch descaling tablets (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, Russian).



The Siemens Bosch Decalcifying Tablets do not clean. For cleaning we recommend Bosch Cleaning Tablets or the Siemens Cleaning Tablets (depending on the brand of coffee machine)

Decalcifying Tablets for Bosch, Siemens and Neff espresso machines.

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4.85 stars based on 20 reviews

very good german product

Door Wojciech op 12-02-2023

Arrived really quickly, competitive pricing, brilliant, thank you.

Door Emma op 04-12-2021

Does what it says on the tin - Good value and decent pack size so I dont have to order constantly. Great services from descaler UK, fast next day delivery.'

Door Bek op 23-10-2020

Very good descaler - The coffee machine has never had a scale problem, due to using this product.

Door ST op 04-08-2019

Great service - Easy to use website.<br>Fast, quick efficient service........highly recommend<br>

Door 5thechase op 03-07-2019

Thx - Am really pleased with them they work well and ats why I just buy form use thank you

Door William op 03-01-2019

Good for use in hard water area - I bought these for use in my kettle and only gave four stars as the instructions for use were not as clear as they could have been. <br><br><br><br><br>

Door Nicko op 18-12-2018

Good buy - Got form here 2 times and happy with how good the ppl r and how fast delivery is keep up the good work thank you

Door William op 24-09-2018

Top quality product made by Bosch - The machine says that it needs descaling. If I dont it shuts down, despite us living in a soft water area. Bosch coffee machine CTL636ES, is it additional expense for no purpose, only Bosch can answer that.

Door MichaelT op 09-05-2018

Packaging! - Excellent price, excellent delivery, poor packaging. The original boxes that the filters were individually packaged in looked like they had been trampled by elephants! Filters inside were fine but I was worried when I first opened the shipping package. Shame because if they hadn’t looked like they were second hand and already been opened I would have given this 5 stars.

Door Fingers61 op 25-04-2018

Cleaned me out - Service excellent and tablets scaled new heights in performance,have previously bought and the latest confirmed that,and at the best price I could find.

Door Nespresso nut op 20-02-2018

goog product - Very good and easy to use so long as you follow the instructions

Door oxo op 06-01-2018

Brilliant product - Great descaler, easy to use, great price

Door Hupanan op 13-11-2017

Great customer experience - Descaler is excellent and does exactly what I want. Ordering and payment were easy and delivery was prompt. I was kept informed about the progress of my order. Thank you for a trouble free purchase I will definitely be back

Door Martin op 23-10-2017

Great customer experience - Descaler is excellent and does exactly what I want. Ordering and payment were easy and delivery was prompt. I was kept informed about the progress of my order. Thank you for a trouble free purchase I will definitely be nack

Door Martin op 23-10-2017

Descaler tabs - Tassimo machine. Good product that does exactly what you want. Well priced making it good value for money when purchasing 3 at a time.

Door MikeR op 06-06-2017

Coffee maker descaller (tablets - I know this review is short, the reason being I have not used them yet.<br>I have previously been descalling my kitchen appliances using powder in packets, not happy. My ordering of descaler tablets was so hassle free, arrived very quickly. Just cant wait to use them. Thank you. <br>'

Door Brian op 03-06-2017

Ten out of ten on the Descale! - I bought these tablets to descale my Tassimo coffee machine as its always been a pain to do. With these it's a breeze. Brilliant!'

Door Pat op 03-05-2017

Splendit - Excellent delivery of my order!

Door Peter Jones op 16-12-2015

Great priced article - Siemens decalcifying tablets are cost effective in descaling.

Door Product reviewer - Descaler UK op 16-11-2015

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