JURA 2-phase Descaling Tablets (36 pcs)

JURA 2-phase Descaling Tablets (36 pcs)

For the descaling of Jura coffee and espresso machines. Sulfamic acid based descaling tabletsAvoid problems - descale regularly!
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36 Jura descaling tablets
Gives you 12 descaling doses.



Specially developed descaling tablets for Jura’s fully automatic coffee machines which are sulfamic acid based, for a thorough removal of residue and limescale. The tablets’ composition is exactly geared to the use in Jura’s fully automatic coffee machines and guarantees a very efficient descaling without damaging the materials. Descaling will prolong the durability of your Jura coffee machine.

NEW: Descaling in 2 phases

The descaling tablet developed especially for JURA coffee machines has an optimised dissolving time, removes scale cleanly and efficiently and delivers lasting results.

The descaling operation now comprises two phases:

Phase one: Carefully removes all scale residue from the coffee machine.
Phase two: Seals the fluid system and ensures long-term corrosion protection for pipes and thermoblock.



Step 1. Dissolve 3 Jura descaling tablets in a container with 500ml lukewarm water. 
Step 2. Start the descaling process as described in your manual.
Step 3. Pour the solution in the water reservoir at the correct time, stated in your manual.
Step 4. Continue with the directions in your manual.

Solution mixture: IMPRESSA C-, E-, F-, J-line, ENA: 0,5 l. All the other IMPRESSA machines: 0,6 l, SUBITO: 0,7 l, JAGUA S60: 0,4 l, JAGUA D70: 0,3 l.



The Jura descaling tablets will not clean coffee oils. For cleaning we recommend Jura cleaning tablets.

Name 2-phase Descaling Tablets (36 pcs)
Brand JURA
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5 stars based on 10 reviews

Efficient service and good price

Door Vincent op 02-02-2024

Very good stuff

Door Pawel op 12-08-2023

Very good stuff

Door Pawel op 12-08-2023

Much better price than another well known online shop, and delivery very prompt too!

Door Jeremy op 01-02-2023

Very efficient descaler to protect my coffees machine

Door Lynda op 28-01-2023

Quick easy service - It was the first time I’ve used this website. Very quick and easy service. Can’t fault it .

Door Terry op 30-01-2019

Jura Descaler - Always a great product sold at a good price with fast delivery

Door R op 23-01-2019

5 - 5

Door Romeo op 31-10-2018

Jura descaler - The new two stage descaler tabs seem to work and have noticed that small amounts of limescale deposits are extracted during process so eems to be doing it job

Door Les op 07-10-2018

Great product - I’ve been using this product for years & always worked.<br>Definitely worth every penny.<br>Great service & price from descaler.co.uk<br>Will definitely buy again.<br>Many thanks.<br>

Door Saint op 16-02-2018

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2-phase Descaling Tablets (36 pcs)
2-phase Descaling Tablets (36 pcs)
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