Descaling Tablets TZ80002N

SIEMENS Descaling Tablets TZ80002N

SIEMENS Descaling Tablets TZ80002N

Regular descaling will help improve the performance of the coffee machine and extends the lifetime. Suitable for all Siemens EQ machines: EQ9, EQ8, EQ7, EQ6, EQ5, EQ3. 2in1 removes limescale and protects against corrosion. Avoid problems descale regularly

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ECCELLENTE Coffee Machine Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

The Eccellente descaling tablets for coffee machines are developed to descale fully automatic espresso machines, semi-automatic espresso machines, filter coffee machines and water kettles. Suitable for Siemens, Bosch, Gaggenau and Neff.

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Product information

3 Siemens 2-in1 Descaling Tablets, 36 grams each. Calc & Protect.
Descales your Siemens EQ or Bosch Vero coffee machine 3 times.

Siemens Descaling Tablets have an effective 2-in-1 cleaning formula: it removes limescale and protects against corrosion. Keep your Siemens coffee machine in perfect condition with these decalcifying tablets.

Suitable for all Siemens EQ coffee machines.

Frequently used coffee machines develop limescale. Although limescale is not bad to your health, it will damage your coffee machine and reduce its lifetime. That is why it is necessary to regularly descale the machine with Siemens 2-in-1 descaling tablets.

Limescale deposits form over time inside your coffee machine, due to the heating or boiling of water. This can be particularly problematic if you live in a hard-water area, where the water has lots of calcium and magnesium impurities – these form the small pieces of limescale that can end up in your coffee.

Siemens espresso machines will display a message when it is time to descale the machine. 

The limescale is safely and reliably removed by these Siemens Decalcifying Tablets.

1) A light will indicate that the Siemens coffee / espresso machine needs to be descaled.
2) Please ensure that you carefully follow the appliance's descaling instructions.
3) Dissolve one descaling tablet into 0.5 liters of lukewarm water in a separate container. After five minutes, pour the solution into the water tank. If necessary, fill up the rest of the tank, up to the water mark, with lukewarm water.
4) Rinse the machine with clean water afterwards. 

The Decalcifying Tablets do not clean. For cleaning we recommend Siemens Cleaning Tablets

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Descaling Tablets TZ80002N
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Descaling Tablets TZ80002N

Descaling Tablets TZ80002N

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