2-phase Descaling Tablets (9 pcs)

JURA 2-phase Descaling Tablets (9 pcs)

JURA 2-phase Descaling Tablets (9 pcs)

18 reviews

For the descaling of Jura coffee and espresso machines. Sulfamic acid based descaling tabletsAvoid problems - descale regularly!

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ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for JURA

Descale regularly to extend the service life of your JURA coffee machine. 6 Eccellente Descaling tablets for 3 descaling doses. This product descales at a biological way.

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Product information

9 Jura descaling tablets
Gives you 3 descaling doses.

Specially developed descaling tablets for Jura’s fully automatic coffee machines which are sulfamic acid based, for a thorough removal of residue and limescale. The tablets’ composition is exactly geared to the use in Jura’s fully automatic coffee machines and guarantees a very efficient descaling without damaging the materials. Descaling will prolong the durability of your Jura coffee machine.

NEW: Descaling in 2 phases

The descaling tablet developed especially for JURA coffee machines has an optimised dissolving time, removes scale cleanly and efficiently and delivers lasting results.

The descaling operation now comprises two phases:

Phase one: Carefully removes all scale residue from the coffee machine.
Phase two: Seals the fluid system and ensures long-term corrosion protection for pipes and thermoblock.


Step 1. Dissolve the contents of a blister pack (3 Jura descaling tablets) in a container with 500ml lukewarm water. 
Step 2. Start the descaling process as described in your manual.
Step 3. Pour the solution in the water reservoir at the correct time, stated in your manual.
Step 4. Continue with the directions in your manual.

Solution mixture: IMPRESSA C-, E-, F-, J-line, ENA: 0,5 l. All the other IMPRESSA machines: 0,6 l, SUBITO: 0,7 l, JAGUA S60: 0,4 l, JAGUA D70: 0,3 l.

The Jura descaling tablets will not clean coffee oils. For cleaning we recommend Jura cleaning tablets.

2-phase Descaling Tablets (9 pcs)
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| Vlada

Good original tablets from Jura

| Vlada

Good original tablets

| Anna

Very good quality

| Paul

Great product, delivery could have been better

| Mfb

Excellent - Excellent

| Dawn

Descaler for Jura coffee machine - Great service, incredibly fast delivery and excellent price. Will be buying all my future Jura products from you. Thank you.

| Shirley

Brillient Delivery - I have had a Gaggia Classic coffee machine for 20 + years <br>and always used the recommended Gaggia descaler , <br>So i am very pleased to know where i can buy the descaler<br>in future . You will be hearing from me again . <br>Kind Regards <br>Mrs Shirley Richardson<br>266 Kingston Road <br>Teddington<br>TW119JQ<br><br><br><br>

| Retired

Descaling my Jura - I now own my Jura coffee machine for 7 years and it’s still Going strong. We have always used the correct Jura tablets for cleaning and descaling. I believe strongly that that’s why it is in the condition as it is. We highly recommend to use Jura tablets for cleaning and descaling.

| DavidE

Great Product - My first purchase was to test the quality and authenticity of the product. I was not disappointed and re-ordered more. The product works well and theres no point skimping on quality after investing in an expensive coffee machine'

| DavidE

Jura Descaler - A branded product, competively priced and delivered quickly. Seemed to do the job.<br>Spoke to a Technician at Jura and said I live in a soft water area and we dont have a limescale problem. He said there are other residues that need cleaning out, the internal tubing is micro bore and it's false economy not to do it or to use inferior products which can react with the metals and plastic. His advice was 'don't skimp' you will only build up expensive problems in the future.'

| Jura User

Excellent product - The product speaks for itself. The website was very easy to use - very clear and very prompt delivery. Brilliant - what more could you ask for.

| DD

Good product - Good product ,quite expensive but have to use with Jura m/c .Service from Descaler u.k. excellent.

| rufax

Excellent product with equally excellent service - This is an excellent product as well it should be, Jura is a top end coffee machine and it is from Descaler.co.uk that I go to purchase the required cleaning items. I would not buy from anyone else, for those of you out there that read these, my review is 100% honest, the price is always good, the service is second to none and the items are shipped very quickly, there isnt a better service. IU purchase from Descaler.co.uk when I used the Nespresso city, now I've upgraded to a Jura this company is still where I will buy my required coffee machine cleaning products.'

| Oak

Official Product, Cheapest I Could Find - Jura standard descaler but much cheaper than ordering them directly from Jura. Arrived the next day.

| Delia

Pleased customer - the products arrived quickly - they were easy to use - instructions were clear - Descaler was very helpful through the ordering process - I would order again - thank you

| DaveV

Does what it says - Easy to use and knowing they get all the right places is perfect. Cheapest Ive found from Descaler keep up the good work '

| Grajax

Jura descaler - Havent used them yet but no doubt will be of the standard and quality I come to expect with Jura. Once again decaler has exceeded with service and value.'

| Product reviewer - Descaler

Great Tablets but not very cheap - The Jura Descaling Tablets are very effective and easy to use. The price of the original items are not very cheap. I would recommend to use an alternative (such as Eccellente descaler)

4.85 stars based on 18 reviews
2-phase Descaling Tablets (9 pcs)

2-phase Descaling Tablets (9 pcs)

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