Technical Service

Contact details of major brands

    • We can not help you with a technical failure of any kind. Please consult the technical service party of the brands below.

Nothing is as annoying as a coffee machine which doesn't work. You can call or mail the technical service department if you have a technical failure at the coffee machine They will be the best in helping you.

Please consult one of the technical service parties below if you have a technical issue of defect of any kind on your coffee or espresso machine. 

Technical service Krups
Phone: 0345 3306460 (UK) or 01 6774003 (Ireland)
Contact form: 

Technical service Dolce Gusto
Phone: 0800 7076066
Email address: [email protected]
Contact form:

Technical service Tassimo
Phone: 0800-0328833 Monday-Saturday: 8 am-17 pm
Customer Service: or
Contact form:

Technical service Philips and Saeco
Phone: 020 79490240 (UK) 01 5245443 (Ireland)
Contact form:

Technical service Jura
Phone: 01282 868266 (UK)

Technical service Sage
Phone: 0808 1781650 (UK)
Contact from:

Technical service Siemens
Phone: 0344 892 8999 (UK) or 01 4502655 (Ireland)
Contact from:

Technical service Bosch
Phone: 0344 8928979 (UK) or 01 4502655 (Ireland)

Technical service Miele
Phone: 033 01606600 (UK) or 01 4610710 (Ireland)
Email address: [email protected] (UK) or [email protected] (Ireland)
Website: or

Technical service Delonghi
Phone: 023 92392555 (UK)
Contact form:

Technical service Nespresso
Phone: 0800 442442 (UK) or 1800 812660 (Ireland)
Contact form: 

Technical service WMF
Phone: 034 58778910 (UK) or 016774177 (Ireland)
Email address: [email protected] (UK & Ireland)