Liquid Descaling (750 ml)

WMF Liquid Descaling (750 ml)

WMF Liquid Descaling (750 ml)

WMF Liquid Descaler is a descaler that is suitable for all WMF coffee- and espresso machines. Avoid any problems by descaling your machine regularly. Will remove built-up limescale. Extends the lifespan of your costly coffee machine. Mixing ratio: 1:1,5

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ECCELLENTE Coffee Machine Descaler (500 ml)

Powerful quick descaler, suitable for all brands of espresso machine. Can also be used for electric kettles and filter-coffee makers. Inexpensive descaling with our own brand of descaler. A citric acid based descaler. Avoid problems, descale regularly!

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Product information

750ml WMF liquid descaler.
Gives 5 descaling doses.

Built-up limescale can reduce the quality of the coffee and the durability of your costly coffee machine. When hot water is flowing through the conduits and pipes of your coffee machine, limescale will occur depending on the water hardness. When you have not descaled in a very long time, damage can occur! Limescale will lead to corrosion of the materials in the machine, limescale also leads to increased energy consumption.

Luckily, the WMF Liquid Descaler is a perfect choice to get rid of all the built-up limescale in your coffee machine. Our experts at recommend to descale with the WMF Liquid Descaler every 3-5 weeks to prevent any damage to your coffee machine. Depending on the water hardness in your region descale based on the following:

• Very hard water: every 3 weeks
• Hard water: every 4 weeks
• Soft and medium water: every 5 weeks

The WMF Liquid Descaler is made out of 100% Sulfamic acid and is therefore not harmful for your machine.

The WMF Liquid Descaler is suitable for the following WMF coffee- and espresso machines: WMF BISTRO, WMF PRESTO, WMF 500, WMF 1000 S, WMF 1200 F, WMF 1200 S, WMF 1400, WMF 150 F, WMF 1500 S

Please check the manual of the WMF coffee machine for detailed instructions.

The WMF liquid descaler does not clean. For cleaning we recommend WMF Cleaning Tablets.

Liquid Descaling (750 ml)
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Liquid Descaling (750 ml)

Liquid Descaling (750 ml)

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