DURGOL Swiss Steamer - 500 ml

DURGOL Swiss Steamer - 500 ml

From Durgol - the number 1 descaler in Switzerland. Easy and safe to use. Effortless and fast decalcification. Decalcification for all brands of steam oven and evaporators. Leaves no residue - steamer is food safe after decalcification and rinsing.
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Product Information

Durgol Swiss Steamer guarantees effortless, fast and safe decalcification of premium steamers of all brands - storage water heater evaporators, bowl evaporators and water tank evaporators.

Easy and safe to use: one bottle - i.e. one portion of Durgol Swiss Steamer is exactly the right dosage required to thoroughly decalcify a steamer with a decalcification program.

Box Contains 1 x 500ml Durgol Swiss Steamer

Name Swiss Steamer - 500 ml
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

Worked a treat on the steam oven. Easy to use and once the oven was cleaned I used the solution to clean taps and sinks.

Door Sheila op 12-03-2022

Seems to have worked wonders. Easy to use and efficient.

Door Adrienne op 10-01-2022

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