Water Filters for Coffee Machines

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Whether it’s for cooking or a refreshing drink, every person in the UK consumes water from their taps in some way. After all, the country is known for having one of the purest and safest water supplies on the planet.

With that said, the UK is also known for being a region with hard water. The minerals within the water, while safe to drink, can cause various issues. Not only can unfiltered water affect the taste, but it also has the possibility of causing limescale.

This is why water filters are highly recommended. They remove contaminants, leaving you with clean water that tastes better and results in less damage.


The benefits of a water filter for your coffee machine

There’s a reason why a growing number of coffee machines feature water filters. Simply put, it is a necessity in this day and age – particularly for commercial establishments. Not only does it make the water taste better for you and anyone else having a delicious cup of coffee, but it’s also beneficial for the machine’s health.

If you have a coffee machine that does filter water, it significantly reduces the amount of chlorine and limescale present in the water. Limescale build-up has sent more coffee machines to the repair shop or scrap heap than anything else. As a result, doing what you can to eliminate limescale will save you a lot of headaches and expensive bills in the future.

However, even if your coffee machine filters water, the effectiveness of this filtration system will deteriorate over time. This is why it’s essential you buy water filter products on a semi-regular basis – and in that regard, you’re in the right place!


Replacing your water filter is necessary

The longer you stay with your coffee maker’s current water filter, the less effective it will become. This means it won’t protect as well against costly by-products like scale and corrosion. It will also negatively impact the taste and hygiene of the beverages your coffee machine produces.

A poor tasting coffee is not something you want to experience. This point is multiplied tenfold if you’re selling your coffee to customers, as it could cause significant damage to your reputation.

So, how often should you replace water filters? While this is dependent on how much your coffee machine is used on a daily basis, it is recommended you replace it every month. This is if it is used for up to ten cups a day. Never wait too long, as you never want to compromise the efficiency of how your machine filters water. After all, the water you use is the most important part of your coffee machine.


Choose Descaler UK for your water filter needs

When you want to buy water filter products, look no further than Descaler UK. We have a wide assortment of water filters in stock, ensuring there’s one that matches up to your coffee machine. Along with official products from the likes of Bosch and Philips, you can also find great water filters under our Eccellente brand.


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