SIEMENS Brita Intenza Water Filter

SIEMENS Brita Intenza Water Filter

Improve the quality of the coffee with softer and cleaner water. Brita Intenza Water Filter for Siemens coffee and espresso machines. Capacity: max 50 litres. Suitable for Siemens / Bosch / Gaggenau / Neff.
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Siemens Brita Intenza water filter
Up to two months' water filtration.

The Siemens Brita Intenza water filter purifies the water, enhancing the flavour, aroma and appearance to ensure a perfect coffee experience. It also increases the durability of your coffee machine by protecting it from limescale build-up. Using the Siemens Intenza water filter reduces water pollutants like chlorine, lead and copper.

Step 1. Remove the water reservoir of the coffee machine, discard any water in there and check if the reservoir is clean.
Step 2. Place the Intenza water filter in the reservoir. Push it all the way in with a slightly rotating motion.
Step 3. Fill the water reservoir with clean tap water and place it back in the machine.
Step 4. Flush through the Siemens coffee machine and discard the water.

If you live in a hard-water area, then a water filter is highly recommended. Your water filter will prevent the build-up of limescale and improve the taste of your coffee.

Product number TZ70003

Brita Intenza water filter for Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff coffee and espresso machines.

Suitable for: Bosch: TCA7101, TCA7109, TCA7121, TCA7129RW, TCA7301, TCA7321, TCA73F1/03, TCA7601/02, TCA7601/03, TCA7621RW/03, TCC78K750/02, TCC78K750/03, TCC78K750/93, TCC78K750A/02, TCC78K750A/03, TCC78K750A/93, TCC78K750B/02, TCC78K750B/03, TCC78K750B/93, TCZ7003(00), VeroProfessional, VeroProfessional 100, VeroProfessional 300, EQ3, EQ.3, EQ.5, EQ5, EQ6, EQ.6, EQ.7, EQ7, EQ8, EQ.8, EQ9, EQ.9;Siemens: TK76001/01, TK76001/02, TK76001/03, TK76001/92, TK76001/93, TK76001CH/01, TK76001CH/92, TK76001CH/93, TK76009/01, TK76009/02, TK76009/03, TK76009/04, TK76009/92, TK76009/93, TK76009CH/01, TK76009CH/92, TK76009CH/93, TK76009GB/01, TK76011/03, TK76201RW/03, TK76201RW/04, TK76209RW/03, TK76209RW/04, TK76501DE/03, TK76501DE/04, TK76509DE/03, TK76509DE/04, TK76F09/01, TK76F09/02, TK76F09/03, TK76F09/04, TK76F09/05, TK76F09/92, TK76F09/93, TK76K572/01, TK76K572/02, TK76K572/03, TK76K572/93, TK76K572CH/01, TK76K572CH/02, TK76K572GB/01, TK76K572GB/02, TK76K572GB/03, TK76K572GB/93, TZ70003(00), EQ3, EQ.3, EQ.5, EQ5, EQ6, EQ.6, EQ.7, EQ7, EQ8, EQ.8, EQ9, EQ.9;Neff: CV77V60N01/01, CV77V60N01/02, CV77V60N01/03, CV77V60N01/93, CV77B60N0GB/01, CV77V60N0GB/02, CV77V60N0GB/03, CV77V60N0GB/93

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4.85 stars based on 13 reviews

It works well for my coffee machine. Coffee tastes very good with use of these filters.

Door Danielle op 10-04-2024

Prosty w uzytkowaniu

Door Anna op 29-10-2022

Great product - This descaler worked very well, removing all the muck that builds up. My coffee machine works much better now!

Door GlosSpurs op 19-11-2020

Good value - This is a good price and improves the water quality considerably in my coffee machine which definately imprives the taste!

Door Bek op 23-10-2020

Exact product I needed - Good service and price. It’s the part I needed for my inbuilt Neff coffee machine.

Door PMarg op 13-07-2018

Great Service - Ordered products at 4pm and delivered next day as specified - highly recommended.

Door Owens op 17-03-2018

good product - This is a great filter and I do think it would go on forever

Door oxo op 06-01-2018

Great product. - Quick delivery. In a very hard water area, works effectively. Coffee tastes much better.

Door Stella op 02-10-2017

Does what it says - No problems with order arrived quickly and exactly correct

Door Howco op 15-07-2017

Product met expectations! - Product performed as advertised, no issues. Happy with purchase.

Door ST op 08-05-2017


Door KELVIN7 op 28-04-2017

brita cheaper.. - cheapest brita water filters...<br>buy bulk for best prices....

Door kelvin op 05-03-2016

Cheap filter - better coffee - This filter has a great price and a very effective cleaning of the water for the coffee!

Door Product reviewer - Descaler UK op 16-11-2015

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