EcoDecalk & Water Filter Set - DLSC322

DELONGHI EcoDecalk & Water Filter Set - DLSC322

DELONGHI EcoDecalk & Water Filter Set - DLSC322

Take good care of your DeLonghi espresso machine with this maintenance kit. Contains two DeLonghi ECAM water filters and 200ml DeLonghi EcoDecalk descaler for great coffee machine care.

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ECCELLENTE Coffee Care Set for DeLonghi espresso machines

Maintain your DeLonghi coffee machine for 2 months with this set. Eccellente set for DeLonghi which gives you all you need for great care of your DeLonghi espresso machine.

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Two DeLonghi ECAM water filters, good for 4 months of filtered water
One bottle of DeLonghi EcoDecalk descaler 200 ml, for 2 descaling cycles


To maintain your DeLonghi machine properly, it is very important to replace your water filter and descale it on time. When you don't do this on time, there is a big chance of damage to your machine due to the build up limescale. With this maintenance set by DeLonghi, you can maintain your machine properly! 

The DeLonghi ECAM water filter also ensures a better aroma development because the water filter filters taste-distorting substances out of the water. In addition, the water filter filters lime from your water. This reduces the need for descaling. The DeLonghi EcoDecalk is meant to remove the remaining limescale from your machine. Persistent limescale can cause damage in the pipes of your machine, therefore it is recommended to descale once every 3 months, when a water filter is present in your machine.

Around 60% of the UK is classed as having hard or very hard water. When the water in your area is considered hard or very hard we recommend using a water filter. 


Follow the instructions in your coffee machine manual for proper instructions. Compatible with all DeLonghi coffee machines that use the DeLonghi ECAM water filter.



EcoDecalk & Water Filter Set - DLSC322
Product code:
EcoDecalk & Water Filter Set - DLSC322

EcoDecalk & Water Filter Set - DLSC322

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