Christmas Coffee Recipe: Baileys Christmas Cappuccino

16 December 2022
Christmas Coffee Recipe: Baileys Christmas Cappuccino
Judith & Syl
Judith & Syl
Did you know that in the UK alone we drink around 95 million cups of coffee a day? This needs to be celebrated with this delicious Baileys Christmas Cappuccino.

Yummy! This Christmas coffee is packed with tasty ingredients: espresso, Baileys, milk, and cacao powder. This easy-to-prepare recipe is perfect after a walk or as an after- dinner treat.

· 1 espresso
· 25 ml Baileys
· 100 ml milk
· Pinch of cacao powder

Preparations for 1 cup
1. Heat 75 ml milk
2. Froth the other 25 ml of milk using a frother
3. Pour the Baileys and espresso in a luxurious glass
4. Stir this well and pour the heated milk in the mixture
5. Use the frothed milk as a topping
6. Garnish the coffee with some cacao powder