Cleaning Brush for Milk tube and Spout - 1+1 Free

ECCELLENTE Cleaning Brush for Milk tube and Spout - 1+1 Free

ECCELLENTE Cleaning Brush for Milk tube and Spout - 1+1 Free

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A handy accessory for a fully automatic espresso machines that allow you to remove coffee residues quickly and easily from the coffee spout and milk tube. Suitable for all coffee machines. You will receive 2 Eccellente cleaning brushes for the price of 1!

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2 Eccellente Cleaning Brushes
Outer diameter 6 mm | Inner diameter 3 mm | Length 35 cm
Universally suitable for all coffee machine brands.

Remains of milk in the milk tube are a source of bacteria. Besides not being hygienic, it can also be harmful to your health. A weekly cleaning is therefore essential. It can also happen that the frothing of the milk no longer works properly because of the milk residues that are left behind. With an Eccellente Cleaning Brush you can clean the hose and tube!

Many cleaning brushes have sharp ends that can damage the espresso machine. Of course, that is the last thing you want! That is why the Eccellente cleaning brush has a protection on the end. This way you can clean the parts of your fully automatic espresso machine carefree and safely.

With this high-quality, very good brush you can easily clean polluting residues from the parts of your fully automatic espresso machine. Because of the flexibility of the cleaning brush you can clean in the most inaccessible places. The Eccellente cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning the milk hose, milk tubes and coffee spout. Also suitable for cleaning the brewing group of your espresso machine. So, you can continue to enjoy the delicious coffee from your coffee machine!


Milk residue in milk hose or milk tube
To remove any remaining milk residue from the milk tube and milk pipe, soak them briefly in warm water and then pull the Eccellente brush through with the wide side first. You will see that the milk residues disappear immediately.

Coffee stop in the coffee spout
To remove any remaining coffee deposits in the coffee spout, push the wide side of the brush up to two centimetres into the spout and rag it a few times. Then let the machine rinse.

Cleaning the brewing unit
You can also use the Eccellente cleaning brush to clean the brewing group by pulling the thin brush along the parts. The brush is flexible and can reach the most difficult to reach places.

It is still necessary to replace the milk tube once every six months. Use an Eccellente coffee machine milk tube for this.

Cleaning Brush for Milk tube and Spout - 1+1 Free
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Very good - Quick and easy to use with effective results.

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Cleaning Brush for Milk tube and Spout - 1+1 Free

Cleaning Brush for Milk tube and Spout - 1+1 Free

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