ECCELLENTE Cleaning Brush for Milk Tube and Spout - 1+1 Free

ECCELLENTE Cleaning Brush for Milk Tube and Spout - 1+1 Free

A handy accessory for a fully automatic espresso machines that allow you to remove coffee residues quickly and easily from the coffee spout and milk tube. Suitable for all coffee machines. You will receive 2 Eccellente cleaning brushes for the price of 1!
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

Why use Eccellente cleaning brush for milk tube and spout?

* Quickly remove milk and coffee residues
* Prolonged durability of your coffee machine
* No mold and bacteria in your coffee machine
* No sharp edges on the brush
* Buy one get one free!


Eccellente cleaning brush with no sharp edges!

Milk residue in your machine causes bacteria and mold. This is of course not good for the machine and not good for your health either! A weekly cleaning with an Eccellente Cleaning Brush is therefore essential!

Many cleaning brushes have a sharp point at the end that can damage your machine. That is, of course, not the intention! That is why Eccellente has developed a cleaning brush with protection on the end. Clean the parts of your fully automatic espresso machine safe and without risk of damage.

With the high-quality Eccellente cleaning brush, you can easily clean dirty residue from the parts of your fully automatic espresso machine. The flexibility of the cleaning brush enables you to clean in places that cannot be reached by hand. The Eccellente cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning the milk tube, milk tubes and coffee spout. Also suitable for cleaning the hard to reach places of your brewing unit in your espresso machine.



This contains 2 Eccellente Flexible cleaning brushes with a length of 7.5 inch / 19 cm
The Eccellente cleaning brushes are universally suitable for all coffee machine brands.



It is still necessary to replace the milk tube once every six months. Use an Eccellente Coffee Machine Milk Tube for this.

Name Cleaning Brush for Milk Tube and Spout - 1+1 Free
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Milk residue in milk tube or milk tube
To remove milk residues from the milk tube and milk nozzle, soak them briefly in warm water and then run the Eccellente brush through them with the wide side first. Then the milk residues will disappear immediately.

Coffee stops in the coffee spout
To remove any remaining coffee deposits in the coffee spout, push the wide side of the brush up to two centimetres/one inch into the spout and rag it a few times. Then let the machine rinse.

Cleaning the brewing unit
You can also use the Eccellente cleaning brush to clean the brewing group by pulling the thin brush along the parts. The brush is flexible and can reach the most difficult to reach places.

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Very good - Quick and easy to use with effective results.

Door Mrs McVeigh op 17-11-2020

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