PHILIPS SAECO Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (6pcs)

PHILIPS SAECO Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (6pcs)

The Philips Saeco Cleaning Powder cleans all milk circuits very effective. It works by breaking down the milk protein, removing fats and residues which harm the machine.
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6 sachets Saeco Milk Cleaning Powder, 2 gram each.
Good for 6 times cleaning the Saeco milk system.



The Saeco Cleaning Powder cleans all milk circuits very effective. It protects the milk circuits from milk residue clogging and will improve the taste of your coffee.



Step 1. remove the Philips Saeco milk container and rinse it with cold water.
Step 2. pour a sachet of Saeco Milk cleaning powder into the milk container and fill it up to the max level.
Step 3. close the cover of the milk container and put it back into its place.
Step 4A. coffee machines with AUTOMATIC Milk Circuit Cleaning: Start the cleaning cycle in accordance with the instructions provided in the Philips Saeco coffee machine manual.
Step 4B. coffee machines with MANUAL Milk Circuit Cleaning: Using the HOT MILK DISPENSING commands, drain out all the water and detergent solution; then remove the milk container/carafe, rinse with cold water and repeat the procedure using cold water only, in order to rinse the milk circuit thoroughly.



The Saeco Cleaning Powder / Cappuccino milk system cleaner does not descale. We recommend to use the Eccellente quick bio descaler.
Use the Saeco Cleaning Tablets to remove coffee oil in the Saeco coffee machine. 

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Genuine Product at good price - Bought the descaling tablets for my Neff coffee machine. This is a genuine product at a fair price, and reasonable delivery. Thank you.

Door Crofts op 30-10-2020

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Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (6pcs)
Cleaning Powder for Milk Circuits (6pcs)
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