Cappuccinatore Milk System Cleaner (1000 ml)

JURA Cappuccinatore Milk System Cleaner (1000 ml)

JURA Cappuccinatore Milk System Cleaner (1000 ml)

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A liquid milk system cleaner for the Jura fully automatic machines. Jura Cappuccino Cleaner is an efficient milk system cleaner which cleans all parts that come in contact with milk. Removing fats and residues which harm the machine.

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ECCELLENTE Milk System Cleaner (250 ml)

Eccellente Milk System Cleaner is a powerful milk cleaner that cleans all parts that come in contact with milk. Suitable for all coffee- and espresso machines. It works by breaking down the milk protein, removing fats and residues.

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Product information

1000 ml Jura Cappuccino Cleaner

An alkaline cleaner, especially developed for the Jura fully automatic specialty coffee machines, which thoroughly removes milk residue and milk fats. The description is exactly geared to the use in the Jura fully automatic coffee machines and guarantees a very efficient cleaning without damaging the materials and will prolong the durability of your fully automatic coffee machine.

Step 1. Add the advised amount of Auto Cappuccino cleaner, stated in your machine’s manual, to your machine and add the right amount of water for your machine. 
Step 2. Start the cleaning process as described in your manual. 
Step 3. When the cleaning process has finished, rinse your machine with clean water as described in your manual. Solution mixture IMPRESSA X9: 1 ½ cap to 4 dl water.

Solution mixture for all other Jura machines: 1 cap to 250ml water.

The liquid cleaner can also be used for other purposes, like, for instance, cleaning manual milk frothers.

Cappuccinatore Milk System Cleaner (1000 ml)
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| Pawel

Very good company

| IHunter

Outstanding Service, Excellent Price - Very pleased with the prices, the expedient delivery and of course the quality of the products sold. Never had cause to complain.<br><br>thanks you

| Davy

good product great service - As I said in my review of the Jura filters, knowing Jura products it was an easy decision.<br>Descaler uk offer great service with competitive prices .<br>As said previously the discount voucher was short lived .

| victoria

perfect - repeat orders of this item great for my jura machine and great price and service getting delivered so fast

| Tuliprose

Good product as expected - Happy with my purchase. Deliver was quick and all in all a good experience. Thanks

| Matt-man

Excellent service and product - A great price, excellent packaging and super fast delivery. Excellent service!

| coffeelover

Good - Good value

| Jonathon

Fast a great product - Needed this quick and it works a treat, great to be able to buy this in such a big bottle. Great price and fast delivery, will use again.

| John Johnson

Pretty cheap - Couldnt find the Saeco powder anywhere cheaper!!!'

5 stars based on 9 reviews
Cappuccinatore Milk System Cleaner (1000 ml)

Cappuccinatore Milk System Cleaner (1000 ml)

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