Are Eccellente Blue water filters an alternative to Jura Claris Smart+ water filters?

25 October 2023
Are Eccellente Blue water filters an alternative to Jura Claris Smart+ water filters?
Do you own a Jura coffee machine in which you use the Jura Claris Smart or Jura Claris Smart+ water filter? Are you also wondering why these filters are so pricey and whether there is a cheaper alternative with the same quality as Jura? In this blog you will discover the (im)possibilities!

What makes the Smart and Smart+ water filters smart?

To find out how Eccellente can help you get an alternative water filter, it's important to first understand how Jura's Smart and Smart+ water filters work. The Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) instantly recognises the installation of a new water filter.


How do non-smart water filters work?

For all brands of coffee machines that don't use a Jura Smart or Smart+ water filter, you insert the filter first, then indicate in the machine that a new filter has been inserted. Sometimes a machine will prompt you to change the filter after some time, in other cases you have to monitor this yourself or you will be helped by an indicator on the water filter itself.


Is there an alternative to the Jura Claris Smart and Smart+ water filters?

The answer is: yes, but.... Good news! The Eccellente Blue water filters fit all Jura coffee machines that use the Smart or Smart+ water filter. This is because the physical connection of the Eccellente Blue water filter is suitable for this. The downside is that you cannot use the Smart's (I.W.S.) technology.


How to use the Eccellente water filter?

Insert the water filter in your Jura coffee machine. In your machine settings, specify that you are not using a water filter and adjust the water hardness of your Jura coffee machine to 0 or the lowest possible setting if available*. Your coffee machine will no longer indicate that the filter needs changing. The water will still be filtered by the Eccellente Blue water filter and after two months you will replace the water filter. The quality of Jura, with the service and price of Eccellente!

* Follow the instructions in the manual of your coffee machine to indicate that a water filter is not installed and for lowering the water hardness.


With the Jura Claris Smart I (almost) don't need to descale, how is that with the Eccellente filter?

The Eccellente Blue water filter has the same quality in filtering water as the Jura Claris Smart+ water filter. This makes descaling almost unnecessary. With the Jura Claris Smart+ water filter we recommend descaling twice a year, with the Eccellente water filter this is the same. This descaling is necessary to remove the limescale residue that the filter passes through from the pipes in your coffee machine. If you descale your coffee machine twice a year, this is sufficient. Perhaps your coffee machine indicates more often that descaling is necessary because you have specified in the settings that you do not use a water filter. You make this message disappear by following the descaling procedure without using any descaler, i.e. only with water.