ECCELLENTE Blue Water Filter for Jura

ECCELLENTE Blue Water Filter for Jura

Eccellente Water filter Blue for your Jura coffee machine! This water filter ensures the best filtered water and therefore the most delicious coffee!
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That's why coffee lovers love Eccellente products:

  • 365 days return policy
  • Developed and produced in-house
  • Extensively tested in our lab
  • Better for the environment & lowest price guarantee
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

The perks of using Eccellente Blue for Jura:

* It guarantees that the coffee is brewed with freshly filtered water
* This filter is placed directly in the water tank
* The fresh water and pure flavours create the ultimate coffee experience
* Your machine is protected from the harmful effects of limescale


Hard on limescale gentle on your coffee machine!

The Eccellente Blue water filter ensures your coffee machine makes the tastiest cups of coffee and also increases the durability of your coffee machine by protecting it from limescale! Using the filter reduces water contaminants such as chlorine, lead and copper that can reduce the quality of your water. Water makes up to 98% of your cup of coffee - don't let low-quality water ruin your perfect cup of coffee!

Specially designed for Jura coffee machines, this filter is pH neutral for a perfectly balanced taste.

This water filter is suitable for the following Jura coffee machines:
- ENA-series (Ena 7, ENA 9 One Touch)
- ENA micro-series ( ENA Micro 1, 5, 9)
- GIGA series (Giga 5)
- Jura A series (A5, A7, A9) - Please note: not suitable for a Jura A1.
- IMPRESSA C-series (C50, C55, C9/90 New Generation)
- IMPRESSA F-series (F8, F85, F9, F50 New Generation)
- Not suitable for Jura Impressa J-series
- IMPRESSA Z-series (Z7, Z9)



1 Eccellente Blue water filter is suitable for Jura coffee machines. This filter needs to be replaced after every 50 litres or every two months, whichever comes soonest.

Name Blue Water Filter for Jura
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Step 1. Remove the old filter cartridge.
Step 2. Insert new filter cartridge into the water tank with slight pressure.
Step 3. Close filter holder. It will click audibly shut.
Step 4. Fill water tank with fresh, cold water and place the water tank back into the coffee machine.
Step 5. Place a container (min. 500 ml) under the cappuccino frother and start the filter rinsing programme.

5 stars based on 5 reviews

My Jura machine does not take the Excellente filters. These are very good

Door James op 09-01-2024


Door Donna op 24-11-2021

Don’t forget to prime it first!!! - Whatever you do, don’t forget to prime the filter with water first. Submerge it in water and make sure all air bubbles come out before turning on the coffee machine. <br>I forgot and the machine made a horrible noise, I though I was going to burn it out. <br>Luckily I pressed cancel coffee quickly and no harm was done. <br>All good though. Tea and coffee taste great.

Door Ryan op 13-10-2020

Filter makes all the difference - Having trialed a Jura water filter, I was happy to buy more at, as the products are well priced and excellent quality. Top that with a user friendly website and you’ll walk away a happy customer!

Door Happy Customer op 16-12-2018

great product - extremely good with my wonderful Jura coffee machine.<br>expedition very fast and well packed.<br>I can only recommend this product.

Door TGer op 20-05-2016

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