How often and when should I descale?

25 October 2022
How often and when should I descale?
Dirk Jan
Dirk Jan
The descaling procedure varies from machine to machine. Therefore, carefully read the instructions for use regarding the maintenance of the machine, as well as the instructions given with the descaling agent.

It is recommended to descale your coffee machine every three to six months, or more frequently if you use it frequently or if you live in an area with hard water. The process of descaling involves removing mineral deposits that can build up in the machine over time, which can affect the taste and performance of the machine.

The three different ways to descale

Fully automatic

Self-cleaning machines tell themselves when to descale. All you need to do is fill the machine with a descaler, usually a tablet or liquid descaler. Then press the button and the machine will fully automatically perform the descaling cycle. It will last between 10 and 20 minutes.


Some machines keep track of when to descale themselves, or are manually adjustable (based on the number of cups brewed). The moment the appliance indicates it needs descaling, you will have to do it yourself. For this, refer to your machine's operating manual.


For machines without a descaling programme, you will have to keep track of when it needs descaling again. Often, the user manual contains tips on descaling, and its regularity.

Descale anyway every 2 months for normal use, and monthly for intensive use (more than 10 cups a day) of the machine.

To descale your coffee machine, you will need to use a descaling solution. Always follow the
manufacturer's instructions for the specific process for your machine, as different models may
have different requirements.

Our tip: Rather descale once too much than once too little.