ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for JURA

ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for JURA

Descale regularly to extend the service life of your JURA coffee machine. 6 Eccellente Descaling tablets for 3 descaling doses. This product descales at a biological way.
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Product Information


Descale your Jura fully automatic espresso machine 3 times. This package contains 6 Eccellente descaling tablets for Jura of 18 grams each. 2 descaling tablets are sufficient due to the powerful effect of Eccellente descaling tablets. Strong against limescale, but gentle on your machine.



Lime reduces the effectiveness of your Jura espresso machine and is a taste spoiler. Lime is deposited when water is heated. This narrows the pipes and requires more energy to heat the water to the right temperature. If nothing is done about this, it can even lead to the failure of your coffee machine. Lime is not only bad for your coffee machine, it also has a negative effect on your coffee enjoyment. A small amount of lime is good for the coffee taste, but too much of it gives the water a bad taste. In addition, an excess of limescale ensures that the coffee aromas are not optimally unfolded, mainly due to the fluctuating water temperature. Descale regularly to optimally enjoy delicious coffee!


Use 2 Eccellente descaling tablets per descaling cycle to remove limescale. When descaling your Jura espresso machine, follow the steps in the manual of your fully automatic machine.

Empty the water reservoir and put 2 Eccellente Descaling Tablets for Jura in it. Fill the reservoir with half a liter of lukewarm water. If necessary, top up the water tank with lukewarm water to the indicated mark. Then start the descaling program of your coffee machine. Within 20 to 30 minutes it will let the descaling solution run through the machine. After descaling, clean the water reservoir thoroughly and let the coffee machine rinse with clean water.


Eccellente Descaling Tablets remove limescale from your coffee machine in an efficient way. Would you like to remove coffee oil and coffee grounds? We advise ECCELLENTE 2-phase Cleaning Tablets (25 pcs)

Name Descaling Tablets for JURA
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