ECCELLENTE 2-phase Cleaning Tablets (25 pcs)

ECCELLENTE 2-phase Cleaning Tablets (25 pcs)

A clean machine is very important for the life of your machine but also for the quality of your coffee! That is why you should clean your Jura coffee machine regularly with the Eccellente 2 phase cleaning tablets!
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That's why coffee lovers love Eccellente products:

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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

Why use Eccellente 2 phase cleaning tablets

* These cleaning tablets are specially made for your Jura coffee machines
* Prolongs the durability of your coffee machine
* Fastest possible warm-up time of the water



This descaler is specially made for Jura coffee machines. Eccellente's 2 phase cleaning tablets remove leftover coffee residues and oils. Removing those residues will ensure that the life of your machine is extended and your machine will continue to make the tastiest coffee!

The cleaning tablets are also suitable for cleaning household appliances as long as the tablets can be dissolved in hot water!  The new 2-phase cleaning tablet doesn’t just clean the machine, it also seals it to delay the accumulation of coffee fat residue. It is very easy to start the cleaning operation at the touch of a button.

Phase I, cleaning:
The special formula effectively loosens the coffee fat and particles in the brewing unit and sieve. Water heated to 80 °C thoroughly rinses these components on the inside and outside.

Phase II, protection:
Special active ingredients seal the surfaces of the corresponding components and protect them from coffee residue and fat in the long term.



The 2-phase Cleaning Tablets for Jura do not descale. For descaling we recommend Eccellente descaling tablets.



25 Eccellente 2-phase Cleaning Tablets suitable for Jura. Is good for 25 cleaning doses.

Name 2-phase Cleaning Tablets (25 pcs)
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Step 1. Place a container under the coffee outlet. 
Step 2. Start the cleaning process as described in your Jura coffee machine manual. 
Step 3. Put a 2-phase Cleaning Tablet in the filter funnel for ground coffee at the correct time, stated in your manual. 
Step 4. Continue with the directions in your manual.

4.8 stars based on 9 reviews

Awesome service - Bought these a couple of weeks ago, brilliant product awesome service and would definitely recommend. I also advice using the proper Jura tablets as you can be certain they clean your machine properly and not damage it.

Door Zena26 op 08-03-2019

Excellent service - Bought Jura cleaning tablets and descaler tablets excellent product and excellent service from

Door Jim Fraser op 18-12-2018

Great Product and service - My first purchase was to test the quality and authenticity of the product. I was not disappointed and therefore re-ordered more Theres no point in skimping having invested in a quality coffee machine. Easy to order and delivered quickly'

Door DavidE op 11-10-2018

All Good - All Good

Door sssaior op 02-10-2018

Does the job, and best price - Having paid so much for the machine, I will only use these tablets. Does a good job and this was best price especially with 5% discount you can get.

Door Nick gleed op 30-08-2018

Brilliant Product - Have used these tablets for years. Great service from Descaler Co Uk. Keep it up, great price. Thanks

Door Crafty Caz op 26-08-2018

Good replacement for Jura Cleaning Tablets - First time of ordering these decaling tablets for my Jura coffee machine. Delivery good. I tried the new tablets on my machine & yes like other reviewers said, I found the tablet took longer to dissolve than my 3 Jura tablets. Next time I will try like someone has suggested dissolving in warm water. Once dissolved they did the same as the Jura tablets at a fraction of the cost and using less tablets too. I will purchase these descaling tablets again if the price is kept low & the quality of service stays the same.

Door Crafty Caz op 26-08-2018

Great product - Many thanks for great service and product.

Door Ren Liu Nerli op 16-08-2018

Great product. - I’ve been using this product for years & always worked.<br>Definitely worth every penny.<br>Great service & price from<br>Will definitely buy again.<br>Many thanks.<br>

Door Saint op 16-02-2018

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2-phase Cleaning Tablets (25 pcs)
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