ECCELLENTE White Water Filter for Jura

ECCELLENTE White Water Filter for Jura

Extend the life of your Jura coffee machine and the quality of your coffee with the Eccellente White water filter for Jura!
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

The perks of using Eccellente White for Jura

* This filter is placed directly in the water tank
* Your machine is protected from the harmful effects of limescale
* It guarantees that the coffee is brewed with freshly filtered water
* The fresh water and pure flavours create the ultimate coffee experience


Hard on limescale but gentle on your machine!

This Eccellente White water filter for Jura is an excellent choice to properly maintain your Jura coffee machine. It improves the coffee quality and extends the life of your precious coffee machine.

The water filter protects against limescale and other water contaminants, such as chlorine, lead and copper. 1 Eccellente White water filter is good for up to 2 months of filtration. The Eccellente White water filter is specially made for Jura coffee machines and espresso machines where the filter holder in the water tank is BLACK.

The Eccellente White water filter is suitable for the following JURA coffee machines:
- Impressa C-serie (C5 C9 C90 Classic Generation)
- Impressa E-serie (E10, E25, E85)
- Impressa F-serie (F5 F50 F7 F70 F90 F50 Classic Generation)
- Impressa J-serie (J5)
- Impressa S-serie (S7, S70, S9, S90, S95)
- Impressa Z-serie (Z5)



1 Eccellente White water filter suitable for Jura coffee machines. After 50 litres of water have flowed through the waterfilter or after two months, the waterfilter stops working and the filter must be replaced.



For other Jura coffee machines, you can use the Eccellente Blue water filter for Jura.


Name White Water Filter for Jura
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Step 1. Remove the water reservoir. Throw away the current water and check if the water reservoir is clean.
Step 2. Place the new water filter in the reservoir. Push the water filter in the socket and make a slight turning movement.
Step 3. Fill the water reservoir with fresh tap water and put the water reservoir back in to the coffee machine.
Step 4. Flush the device. Dispose this water.

4.65 stars based on 3 reviews

great compatible filter - previously been using other compatible filters but I have been unable to get these, so needed a similar compatible filter for my Jura Claris Blue. I found, as the products are well priced. I was a little sceptical before buying and ainstalling , but all seems to be working ok now its installed.<br>I would buy again, maybe I will buy other coffee machine products too, like milk cleaner or cleaning tablets. Thanks

Door happy chappie op 15-12-2020

on time and fit the coffee machine and a good - All arrived on time and fit the coffee machine and a good price<br>

Door Ken op 20-05-2016

Four Stars - Its a water filter for our coffee machine - what can i say.<br>

Door Dave J op 20-05-2016

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