ECCELLENTE White Water Filter for Jura - Value Pack

ECCELLENTE White Water Filter for Jura - Value Pack

Save a lot of money with our private label. Excellent JURA Claris WHITE alternative. Suitable for JURA. Lowest price guarantee.
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information


3 Eccellente WHITE water filters for Jura
Delicious filtered water for up to 6 months!



By using the Eccellente water filter, you are guaranteed delicious filtered water for the best coffee. These water filters reduce limescale in the water, making descaling much less frequent. Harmful substances are efficiently removed, preserving important flavour boosters such as minerlaen and fluorides. All this ensures the perfect coffee flavour for a great cup of coffee!


Suitable for

The Eccellente WHITE filter cartridge fits all JURA machines where the filter holder in the water tank is BLACK.

The ECCELLENTE WHITE water filter is made especially for the Jura coffee and espresso machine and is suitable for the following Jura coffee machines:

- Impressa C-series (C5 / C9 / 90 Classic Generation)
- Impressa E-series (E9, E10, E25, E70, E85)
- Impressa F-series (F5 / 50, F50 Classic Generation, F90, F7 / F70)
- Impressa J-series (J5)
- Impressa XS-series (XS9)
- Impressa S-series (S7, S70, S9, S90, S95)
- Impressa Z-series (Z5)

Other Jura espresso machines use the Jura Claris Blue or Smart water filter.



The Eccellente White Water Filter for Jura does not have a cleaning function. For this, please purchase Eccellente Cleaning Tablets 2in1 for Jura.


Name White Water Filter for Jura - Value Pack
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1. Remove the water tank, discard the water present and check that the tank is clean.
2. Insert the filter into the reservoir. Press to the end, making a slight rotating movement (see image below).
3. Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water and replace it in the machine.
4. Rinse the machine and discard this water.

replace water filter

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White Water Filter for Jura - Value Pack
White Water Filter for Jura - Value Pack
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