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Whether you want to make an authentic Costa caramel latte at home or enjoy an indulgent Cadbury’s hot chocolate, Bosch’s Tassimo pod machines are home to an unbeatable selection of hot drink options. Add in their highly affordable nature, and these handy machines are found in countless homes and commercial properties across the country.

As with any coffee machine, maintenance is important. Any appliance that utilises hot water is going to produce limescale build-up and calcium deposits. The longer this is left to fester in your Tassimo machine, the more damage it’s going to cause. This is why you need to use a Tassimo descaler.


What happens if you don’t use a Tassimo descaler?

Limescale residue is a common problem for coffee machines. Unlike a kettle, limescale in a coffee machine tends to be hidden from sight. As a result, it can be difficult to comprehend just how much damage is being done to your appliance. It’s also not dramatic to say that damage could lead to the situation where you have to buy a new Tassimo machine.

Before that happens, you might experience numerous other issues if you don’t remove limescale with a Tassimo descaler. For instance, calcium deposits can lead to blockages that prevent enough hot water from ending up in your cup. Limescale is also prone to contaminating your hot beverages and negatively affecting their taste. In extreme cases, it may even be harmful to your health.

Because of these issues, we stock specialist Bosch Tassimo Descaler products and citric acid descaler to flush out any lingering limescale.


How descaling products keep limescale away

Simply put, a Tassimo descaler will help to keep your machine in optimum condition. Limescale and calcium deposits are detrimental to the health of coffee machines, and it’s important to shift them as soon as possible. By doing so, you extend the lifespan of your Tassimo machine and avoid having to buy a replacement. Using a water filter will also help to keep limescale at bay.

A Bosch Tassimo descaler will also ensure your machine continues to produce the best quality drinks. You won’t have to suffer from any tainted beverages due to being in contact with limescale.

Cleaning your Tassimo machine with a descaler should be a regular occurrence. To ensure limescale doesn’t cause a concern, it is recommended to use your Tassimo descaler every three months.

Descaler UK: The #1 Supplier of Tassimo Descaler products

As the leading provider of descaling products, it’s only natural we have a range of options for one of the most popular coffee machine brands on the market. Our Bosch Tassimo descaler products have been tested to guarantee that they’re high-quality and work as expected.

The success of Descaler UK isn’t just down to the products we stock. We’re also committed to supplying the best possible service to our customers. Along with hitting our delivery times, our experts are always ready to assist if you require any further information about our products.

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