ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for Tassimo (6 pcs)

ECCELLENTE Descaling Tablets for Tassimo (6 pcs)

The Eccellente descaling tablets can be used for Bosch Tassimo coffee machines.
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6 Eccellente descaling tablets suitable for Tassimo, á 18 grams
Good for 3 to 6 descaling of the Bosch Tassimo coffee machine.



The Eccellente descaling tablets are suitable for descaling all Bosch Tassimo coffee machines. The maintenance of your Tassimo coffee machine affects the life and performance of your machine. Therefore, make sure you regularly descale your coffee machine with Eccellente descaling tablets. Your Tassimo coffee machine will indicate when it is time to descale.

Eccellente's descaling tablets remove limescale in a safe and reliable manner.



1. The Tassimo coffee machine indicates with a red light that it needs to be descaled.
2) Fill the Tassimo water reservoir with ± 500 ml of clean water and dissolve 2 Eccellente descaling tablets for Tassimo in it.
3) Remove the special yellow descaling cartridge from the side of the Tassimo machine and place it in the cup holder.
4) Place an empty jar of at least 500 ml on the drip tray.
5) Put the filled water tank back in the machine and press the lit light for 5 seconds.
6) The Tassimo coffee machine will now automatically start the descaling process, which takes about 30 minutes.
7) Final rinse: rinse the water tank and refill it with water.
8) Now keep the coffee button pressed so that the device can flush, it will now rinse 3x.
9) When finished, remove the descaling cartridge and place it back in the storage compartment.

Read this blog for a full guide: Maintenance for Bosch Tassimo.



The Eccellente coffee machine descaling tablets remove limescale deposits in your Tassimo coffee machine. Cleaning your Tassimo coffee machine is also very important for the life and performance of your machine. Also clean the barcode scanner, do this with a soft, damp cloth.

The Eccellente Tassimo descaling tablets are suitable for all types of Bosch and Braun Tassimo coffee machines. Including the following Tassimo types which are available in the Netherlands: Tassimo VIVY (T12), Tassimo VIVY II (T12), Tassimo AMIA (T20), Tassimo FIDELIA (T40), Tassimo CHARMY (T55), Tassimo SUNY (T32), Tassimo Joy , Tassimo FIDELIA+ (T65), Tassimo CADDY (T70).

Name Descaling Tablets for Tassimo (6 pcs)
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