BOSCH T-Disc Yellow

BOSCH T-Disc Yellow

Replacement Service T-Disc for Tassimo drinks machine. Needed during cleaning and descaling. Also used when setting up the machine for the first time. Includes correct barcode for maintenance. Suitable for Tassimo.
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Product Information

Bosch Tassimo Yellow T-disk
Needed for descaling and cleaning the machine

The Yellow Tassimo T-disk is needed to run the maintenance cycles of certain Tassimo machines. The T-disk has a barcode which communicates with the Tassimo machine.

Instructions - How to descale a Tassimo coffee machine
Step 1. The Tassimo machine has the red light showing, so it is time to descale. 
Step 2. Fill the water tank with clean water and put two descaling tablets in the water. 
Step 3. Remove the special yellow descaling t-disk from the side of the machine and put this in the cup container. 
Step 4. Put an empty can of 500 ml on the drip tray. 
Step 5. Put the filled water tank back in the Tassimo machine and push the burning lamp for 5 seconds. 
Step 6. The Tassimo coffee machine start now automatically the descaling process. (it takes about 30 minutes) 
Step 7. Rinse rinse the water tank and fill it again with water. 
Step 8. Now hold the coffee button pressed so the machine can rinse, the machine rinsed 3 times. 
Step 9. Remove again the descaling t-disk and place storage compartment back.
See full manual how to maintain a Bosch Tassimo

Don't forget to buy the Tassimo descaling tablets


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