Water Filter Claris Blue - Value Pack

JURA Water Filter Claris Blue - Value Pack

JURA Water Filter Claris Blue - Value Pack

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Value Pack contains 3 Jura water filters. Original Jura Water filter - Claris Blue. Using a Jura CLARIS Blue filter cartridges guarantees freshly filtered and great tasting water for your coffee at any moment.

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ECCELLENTE Claris Blue Water Filter for Jura

Replacement water filter for Jura CLARIS Blue. Freshly filtered and great tasting water for your coffee. One water filter is good for 2 months.

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Product information

3 Jura Claris BLUE water filters.
Filters the water for 6 months.

This water filter also goes under the name Jura Filter cartridge CLEARYL Blue.


Jura Claris Blue Water Filters are suitable for the following Jura coffee machines:

• ENA-serie (Ena 5, Ena 7, Ena 9 One Touch)
• ENA micro-serie ( Ena micro 1, 5, 9)
• Giga serie (Giga 5)
• Impressa  C-serie (C50, C55, C9/90 New Generation)
• Impressa F-serie (F8, F85, F50 New Generation)
• Impressa J-serie (J7, J9.2, J9.3, J9.4, J90, J95, J500)
• Impressa Z-serie (Z7, Z9)
• Jura A serie (A1, A5, A7, A9)

The other Jura espresso machines use the Jura Claris White water filter.

This water filter has been specially developed for Jura coffee machines, is pH-neutral to coffee and is placed directly in the water reservoir. This will give you three important benefits: The guarantee that the coffee is made with freshly filtered water just before brewing. Fresh water and pure flavours will ensure the ultimate coffee experience. Protection for your machine. Jura’s CLARIS Blue water filter is tough on lime scale but kind to your machine.

Using a CLARIS water filter cartridges is simple. You will find a description in chapter 2 of your manual >> preparation and introduction – Filter placement and activation <<.

After 50 litres has flowed through the filter or after two months, the filter will stop functioning properly and the cartridge will need to be replaced.

Water Filter Claris Blue - Value Pack
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| Danny

Jura water filter - I always use Jura Claris Blue a Water Filter in my coffee machine, great product. First class service from a Descaler as usual


Genuine Product - Good service and price. A genuine manufacturers product but they are expensive and I wonder if I should try Descaler's own product. The trouble is that with our Jura coffee machine you can't easily tell how well the filter works and after 10 years of using it I've never tried an alternative to the Claris filter, which so far have worked very well as no scaling has occurred.'

4.5 stars based on 2 reviews
Water Filter Claris Blue - Value Pack

Water Filter Claris Blue - Value Pack

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