3-phase Cleaning Tablets (6 pcs)

JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablets (6 pcs)

JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablets (6 pcs)

JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablets for cleaning Jura coffee and espresso machines.

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ECCELLENTE Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets (10 pcs)

Eccellente Cleaning tablets are suitable for fully automatic and semi-automatic coffee and espresso machines.

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Product information

6 JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablets
Gives you 6 cleaning doses.

The JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablets are specially made for Jura’s fully automatic coffee- and espresso machines. The JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablets will thoroughly remove any coffee residue and oils. The tablets’ composition is exactly geared to the use in Jura’s fully automatic machines and they guarantee a very efficient cleaning without damaging the materials. This will prolong the durability of your fully automatic machine. The Jura cleaning tablets can also be used for cleaning thermos flasks and other containers and machines with residue. Make sure that you dissolve the Jura cleaning tablets in hot water.

The new 3-phase cleaning tablet doesn’t just clean the machine, it also seals it to delay the accumulation of coffee fat residue.

It is very easy to start the cleaning operation at the touch of a button.

Phase 1: Cleaning
The brewing unit and brewing sieve are thoroughly rinsed in hot water at 80°C. The powerful formula of the cleaning tablets effectively removes traces of coffee fat and oil which can alter the taste and quality of the coffee.

Phase 2: Care
In the second phase, the care phase, special active ingredients form a protective barrier on the surfaces of the components, preventing coffee residue and fats from building up.

NEW phase 3: Protection
In the newly developed third phase, complexing agents provide lasting protection against mineral deposits.

Step 1. Place a container under the coffee outlet. 
Step 2. Start the cleaning process as described in your Jura coffee machine manual. 
Step 3. Put a JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablet in the filter funnel for ground coffee at the correct time, stated in your manual. 
Step 4. Continue with the directions in your manual.

The JURA 3-phase Cleaning Tablets do not descale. For descaling we recommend Jura descaling tablets.

3-phase Cleaning Tablets (6 pcs)
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3-phase Cleaning Tablets (6 pcs)

3-phase Cleaning Tablets (6 pcs)

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