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If you have a Jura espresso machine, you naturally want to enjoy it for as long as possible. But like any other coffee machine, a Jura machine does require periodic maintenance. Descaling your Jura espresso machine is very important, both for the life of the coffee machine and for the taste of your coffee. Thankfully, you can always turn to Descaler UK for the right Jura descaling tablet!

Our range of Jura tablets

Jura Descaler removes harmful limescale and keeps your machine in tip-top condition. Descaler UK supplies Jura descaling tablets in various volumes. You can choose between 3 X 3 descaling tablets Jura 2-in-1 or a pack of 36. If you order a larger number, you can make use of attractive discounts. We now also sell Mr. Taylor Organic Rapid Descaler as a biodegradable and sustainable premium alternative to Jura descaling tablets.

Descaler UK provides everything you need in terms of Jura maintenance. Buy Jura descaling tablets: you can also contact us for Jura cleaning tablets, Jura water filters and Jura milk cleaners.

How often should I use Jura descaler?

The frequency of descaling mainly depends on how intensively you use your Jura espresso machine and how hard the water is in your area. Consult the user manual of your Jura machine for information on the recommended maintenance frequency. Also, note that some brands will invalidate the warranty if the machine is not descaled regularly. For example, check the water hardness in your area to determine how often this should be done.

Order Jura descaling tablets from Descaler UK

Prevent your much-loved Jura espresso machine from becoming calcified and order your Jura descaler at Descaler UK! If you spend £25 or more, you get free shipping. With no fewer than three of our own warehouses, all our Jura care products are also available directly from stock. Order today before 16:00, and your order will be delivered tomorrow! So you can start cleaning and descaling your Jura espresso machine right away. If you have any questions about our Jura care products, please contact our customer service. Our staff will be happy to help you!

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