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Eccellente Cleaning Tablets Instruction Manual

Handleiding Instructie koffiemachine reinigingstabletten

The Eccellente Cleaning Tablets have been developed for coffee machines. However... you can use them for many more jobs: removing coffee deposits from a coffee pot or thermos flask, removing unpleasant odours from water bottles, removing tea deposits in a teapot, etc. Please read the different applications and instructions here.

Coffee brewing methods

For brewing coffee at home, there is an almost endless list of machines and brewing devices a person can pick from. Most of the different options are very different from each other, and have a plethora of different functions. One of the harder parts of brewing coffee, can be deciding what you want to brew with. Here is a basic rundown of some of the more common coffee making machines.

Why you should use a descaler.

Important questions answered: What is "scale" or "limescale"? What effect does descaling have on my coffee machine? Which descaler should I use for my coffee machine? Why can't I use vinegar for descaling the coffee machine? How often should I descale my coffee machine?

Descaling a Nespresso

Nespresso descaling

Descaling a Nespresso machine is very simple. I will explain it in three simple steps.

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