AquaClean Water Filter for Philips - Pack of 2

ECCELLENTE AquaClean Water Filter for Philips - Pack of 2

ECCELLENTE AquaClean Water Filter for Philips - Pack of 2

Eccellente AquaClean water filter for Philips - Pack of 2 water filters. Enjoy 6 months of better coffee. Improves the taste of coffee and reduces limescale.

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2 Eccellente AquaClean water filters for Philips and Saeco coffeemachines
Enjoy 6 months of better coffee!

Enjoy the best coffee with the Eccellente AquaClean water filter. Did you know that coffee contains mostly water? You will greatly improve the quality of your water with this water filter. This makes your coffee taste significantly better. 

Each AquaClean water filter lets you enjoy 625 cups of coffee. With the Eccellente AquaClean water filters you can enjoy up to 5000 cups of coffee without descaling!

Clear water optimally purified
Thanks to the patented flow, the water inside the water filter take a longer path before entering your super-automatic coffee machine. This ensures a deeper purification for clear water and fine tasting coffee.

Descaling alarm deactivated
The Saeco AquaClean water filter ensures only pure and filtered water flows into your Full Automatic coffee machine, so the descaling alarm is automatically deactivated. Endless, hassle-free coffee of the finest quality is yours to enjoy - and it's not until after 8 filter replacements that the machine will reactivate the descaling process alarm. 

Micro-porous filter
Ridding your brew of any small particles makes a huge difference to your in-cup quality. The micro-porous water filter prevents impurities from contaminating the water, so every cup you make will be fresh, clean and delicious.

Ion-exchange Technology
The ion-exchange technology removes calcium from the water before entering your coffee machine, thus preventing its formation. If the filter is replaced timely at machine request, you can enjoy up to 625 cups with each filter

Suitable for the following Philips Saeco coffee machines:

Incanto Series
Saeco Incanto HD8911/01 | HD8913/11 | HD8914/01 | HD8915/01 | HD8916/01 | HD8917/01 | HD8918/21 | HD8918/31 | HD8918/41 | HD8919/51 | HD8919/55 | HD8921/01 | HD8922/01

Intelia Deluxe Series
Saeco Intelia Deluxe HD8900/01 | HD8900/11 | HD8902/01 | HD8904/01 | HD8906/01

Pico Baristo Series
Saeco PicoBaristo HD8924/01 | HD8925/01 | HD8927/01 | SM3054/00 | SM3054/10 | SM3061/10 | SM5460/10 | SM5470/10 | SM5473/10 | SM5478/10 | SM5479/10 | SM5570/10 | SM5572/10 | SM5573/10

GranBaristo Series
Saeco GranBaristo HD8975/01 | HD8977/01 | HD8978/01

Exprelia Series
Saeco Exprelia HD8858/01 | HD8859/01

Philips 2200 Series
EP2230/10 | EP2200/10

Xelsis Series
Saeco Xelsis SM7580/00 | SM7581/00 | SM7680/00 | SM7683/00 | SM7685/00 | SM7686/00

Philips 3100 Series
EP3360/00 | EP3362/00 | EP3363/00 | EP3510/00 | EP3550/00 | EP3551/00 | EP3551/1

Philips 3200 Series

Philips 4000 Series
EP4010/00 | EP4050/10 | EP4051/1

Philips 4300 Series
EP4321 | EP4324 | EP4327 | EP4341 | EP4343 | EP4346 | EP4349

Philips 5000 Series
EP5310/10 | EP5314/10 | EP5315/10 | EP5330/10 | EP5331/10 | EP5333/10 | EP5335/10 | EP5340/10 | EP5345/10 | EP5360/10 | EP5361/10 | EP5363/10 | EP5365/10 | EP5930/10 | EP5934/10 | EP5960/10 | EP5961/10

Philips 5400 Series
EP5441 | EP5443 | EP5444 | EP5446 | EP5447 

For all other machines: use a Philips Saeco Intenza Water Filter


1) Remove the AquaClean filter from its packaging. Shake the water filter for about 5 seconds.
2) Immerse the Aqua Clean filter upside down in a jug with cold water and wait until no more air bubbles come out.
3) Remove the water tank from the machine and insert the filter vertically onto the filter connection. Press it down until it cannot move further.
4) Fill the water tank with fresh clean water and place it back into the machine.
5) If the machine has a display make sure you activate the AquaClean water filter in the machine menu. Follow the user instructions provided with the machine. 
6) To rinse the AquaClean filter, let half a litre of water flow out from the dispensing spout or steam tube of espresso machine. Discard this water.
The Eccellente AquaClean water filter and machine are now ready for use.

If your hardness of water is higher than ± 7º German Hardness, a water filter is highly recommended. You will prevent the chance of damage by limescale and have better-tasting coffee.

AquaClean Water Filter for Philips - Pack of 2
Product code:
AquaClean Water Filter for Philips - Pack of 2

AquaClean Water Filter for Philips - Pack of 2

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