ECCELLENTE Decalcifier for Philips Saeco - pack of 2

ECCELLENTE Decalcifier for Philips Saeco - pack of 2

Two bottles of Eccellente decalcifier to quickly and effectively remove limescale from your Philips Saeco coffee machine. Even with the use of a water filter, limescale remains in your coffee machine, which is why we recommend regular descaling.
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That's why coffee lovers love Eccellente products:

  • 365 days return policy
  • Developed and produced in-house
  • Extensively tested in our lab
  • Better for the environment & lowest price guarantee
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

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Set of 2 bottles of Eccellente Descaler for Philips Saeco of 100ml each.
Good for 2 decalcifying cycles, one decalcification per bottle.

Suitable for all Philips and Saeco coffee machines and espresso machines.



Eccellente Decalcifier for Philips Saeco is the perfect solution to remove limescale from your coffee machine. When making coffee, coffee grease and coffee oil are left behind by the coffee beans. To prevent blockages, we recommend cleaning your coffee machine every fortnight with Eccellente Coffee Oil Remover for Philips Saeco, besides your monthly decalcification.



Eccellente Decalcifier will keep your Philips Saeco espresso machine performing longer and you can continue to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at its best.

Fast and powerful descaling
Your espresso machine needs regular descaling, even if you use water with low limescale or use water filters. Limescale adheres to all water-rich places in your machine. Worst affected are the heating element. The more limescale there is on the element, the more heat is lost and thus heating up takes longer and longer.

Eccellente Lactic Acid Descaler is now even more powerful in descaling your valuable espresso machine. In addition, the packaging has also been made smaller. This allows for more efficient distribution, and creates less waste. Good news for the environment!

Eccellente recommends descaling your espresso machine monthly for:
- optimised flavour;
- longer lifespan of your coffee machine;
- quick heating of water.

The Eccellente Decalcifier for Philips Saeco is very concentrated, the liquid contains less water than other decalcifiers. As a result, you only need 100 ml per descaling session and will add more water to dilute the descaler. The bottle seems small but it is equivalent to the genuine Philips Saeco Descaler in terms of descaling power.



This descaler is lactic acid based. This is an organic type of descaler. The colour of the descaler may vary as Eccellente Decalcifier for Philips Saeco is a natural product.

Name Decalcifier for Philips Saeco - pack of 2
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1) If present, remove the water filter from the water tank.
2) Empty the water tank and check to ensure the tank is clean.
3) Fill the water tank with 100 ml of Eccellente Decalcifier and add fresh tap water up to the maximum level of the water tank.
4) Switch on the machine and start the descaling programme. When decalcifying, it is helpful to keep a bowl or bowl under the coffee spout.
5) Is the descaling programme finished? Rinse the coffee machine by tapping approximately 1 litre of hot water.

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Decalcifier for Philips Saeco - pack of 2
Decalcifier for Philips Saeco - pack of 2
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