ECCELLENTE Water Filter Compatible with Philips Saeco Intenza+

ECCELLENTE Water Filter Compatible with Philips Saeco Intenza+

The filter reduces the limescale build-up in your machine and enhances its durability. Capacity: maximum 50 litres of water.
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Eccellente Water Filter Compatible with Philips Saeco Intenza.
This filter needs to be replaced after every 50 litres or every two months, whichever comes soonest.



The Eccellente Water Filter Compatible with Philips Saeco Intenza provides a good flavour development and will ensure a perfect coffee experience. It also increases the durability of your valuable coffee machine by protecting it from lime scale build-up. Using the filter reduces water pollutants like chlorine, lead or copper.

The Eccellente Intenza water filter has been developed especially for Philips Saeco coffee machines.

Suitable for: Philips Saeco Intuita, Philips Saeco Intuita, Philips Saeco Moltio, Philips Saeco Xelsis Evo, Saeco Lirika, Philips Saeco GranBaristo, Philips Saeco Xsmall, Philips Saeco Intelia, Philips Saeco Xelsis Evo, Philips Saeco Odea, Philips Saeco Talia, Saeco Unica, Philips Saeco Royal, A modo mio Lavazza, Intellia, Nina manual, Odea, Poemia Manual, Primea, Royal Old en 2011, Syntia (alle modellen), Talea (alle modellen), Xeasy 2011, Xelsis, Xsmall, Gaggia Accademia, Gaggia Cardona, Gaggia Unica, Gaggia Platinum, Gaggia Brera, Spidem My Coffee, HD8751 Intelia Evo, Saeco Aulika EVO.

Not suitable for: Philips Saeco Minuto, Saeco Vienna, Saeco Exprelia, Philips Saeco 3000 series, Philips Saeco 3100 series.



If your hardness of water is higher than ± 7º German Hardness, a water- ilter is highly recommended. You will prevent the chance of damage by lime scale and have better tasting coffee.

Original Philips Saeco product number: Philips Saeco RI9113/36 CA6702

Name Water Filter Compatible with Philips Saeco Intenza+
Article code CA-6702/00
SKU E-0268
EAN 8710103563365
Previous product numbers CA-6702/00
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Step 1. Remove the water reservoir, discard any water in there and check if the reservoir is clean.
Step 2. Set the ‘Aroma System’ to ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ to ensure the correct filtration of the water.
Step 3. Submerge the filter for a few seconds in a container of water. This saturates the filter and disperses any air bubbles.
Step 4. Place the filter in the reservoir. Push it all the way in with a slightly rotating motion.
Step 5. Fill the water reservoir with clean tap water and place it back in the machine.
Step 6. Let a few cups of water flow through the steam pipe before you start using the machine.

4.65 stars based on 3 reviews

Very good service reasonably priced and delivered quickly

Door Steve op 09-10-2022

Good but folllow instructions - These Tablets work well but please use the water intake

Door jdt op 26-11-2020

does the job - i always buy these filters for my coffee machine and believe they do the job as there is no scale built up, will continue to buy them.<br><br>delivery was prompt as always

Door Louisa Ha. op 20-05-2016

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Water Filter Compatible with Philips Saeco Intenza+
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