JURA Water Filter Claris PRO Blue+

JURA Water Filter Claris PRO Blue+

The new Jura Claris Pro Blue+ water filter protects your valuable Jura device against limescale deposits. Very effective against limescale.
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1 Jura Claris Pro Blue+ water filter.
Up to 300l of filtered water.



The Jura Claris Pro Blue+ water filter ensures that your precious Jura coffee machine is protected against limescale damage. In addition, the water filter gives an optimal result for the taste of your coffee. The water filter filters taste-disrupting substances such as chlorine, but retains substances such as minerals and fluorides that are good for the taste.

The bottom of the water filter contains active ingredients that stabilize the water in the water reservoir and thus reduce limescale deposits at the bottom of the reservoir. The top of the water filter filters the water through ion exchange and active carbon.

The Claris Pro Blue+ water filter is suitable for any type of tap water in the Netherlands. Depending on the water hardness in your area, the water filter can filter up to 300l of filtered water.

at 1-10° dH: up to 300 l
at 11-12° dH: up to 240 l
at 13-15° dH: up to 180 l
at 16-20° dH: up to 120 l
at 21-25° dH: up to 95 l
at 26-30° dH: up to 80 l

The Jura Claris Pro Blue Water Filter Cartridge is ideal for the following Jura Professional espresso machines: IMPRESSA XJ series (XJ9) and the GIGA X3/X7/X9

The other Jura Professional espresso machines use the Jura Claris Pro Smart Water Filter cartridge.



Using the Jura Claris Blue plus filter cartridge is easy. You will find a description in chapter 2 of your Jura Professional espresso machine manual »Preparing and using – Inserting and activating the filter«.

Name Water Filter Claris PRO Blue+
Brand JURA
Article code 25058
SKU E-0605
EAN 7610917250585
Safety Sheet https://issuu.com/everlake/docs/sdb_claris-blue-pro
Previous product numbers E-0464 - E0464 - 71702
Condition New

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