ECCELLENTE Coffee Machine Descaler - Lactic Acid (100 ml)

ECCELLENTE Coffee Machine Descaler - Lactic Acid (100 ml)

Regular descaling prevents damage to your machine. Descale with Eccellente Descaler Lactic Acid! This descaler is suitable for Delonghi, Dolce Gusto, Fracino, Gaggia, Philips, L'or, Saeco, Smeg, Solis, Magimix, Nivona, Nespresso, Sarista coffee machines.
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That's why coffee lovers love Eccellente products:

  • 365 days return policy
  • Developed and produced in-house
  • Extensively tested in our lab
  • Better for the environment & lowest price guarantee
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

Why use Eccellente Coffee Machine Descaler Lactic Acid?

* Ensures perfect flavour
* Prolongs the durability of the machine
* Quick heating time of the water
* Unlimited shelf life


Quick and powerful descaling

Your Nespresso machine should be descaled regularly. Lime is formed where heat and water meet. The heating elements of the Nespresso machine are usually the hardest hit. The more limescale on the element, the more heat is lost. And it takes longer to brew a cup of coffee.

Good for the environment
Eccellente Quick Bio Descaler for Nespresso is very powerful at descaling your valuable espresso machine or coffee maker. We have also reduced packaging, making distribution more efficient and reducing waste. Good news for the environment!

Less water, more liquid!
Eccellente Quick Bio Descaler for Nespresso is a strong descaling product. The liquid contains less water than the original Nespresso descaler. Therefore, you only need 100 ml of Eccellente Quick Bio Descaler and a larger amount of water than the usual descaler.



1 bottle of Eccellente Lactic Acid Descaler of 100 ml will give you 1 descaling dose. This descaler is suitable for Delonghi, Dolce Gusto, Fracino, Gaggia, Philips, L'or, Saeco, Sage, Smeg, Solis, Magimix, Nivona, Nespresso and Sarista coffee machines.



This is a lactic acid based descaler. This is a biological way of descaling. We also sell a descaler based on citric acid for all other brands coffee machines: Eccellente Quick Bio Descaler - Citric Acid.

See Safety Data Sheet

Related article: What is the difference between citric acid and lactic acid?

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Name Coffee Machine Descaler - Lactic Acid (100 ml)
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Follow the descaling instructions as described in the manual of your espresso machine. If no manual is available, follow the next steps.

Step 1. Pour 100 ml Eccellente Quick Bio Descaler and 700 ml clean water (1:7) in the water reservoir of your coffee machine.
Step 2. Turn the machine on and let a quarter of the solution flow through.
Step 3. Then let the descaler have a 5 to 10 minutes activation period. Repeat this procedure till the water reservoir is empty.
Step 4. Clean the water reservoir thoroughly and rinse the machine with a lot of water.

4.9 stars based on 24 reviews

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Door Thomas op 28-03-2023

This descaler is brilliant. I ran it through the coffee machine and then used it to clean the kettle as well. It worked quickly and thoroughly, next time I will use it a third time for the iron too!

Door Emily op 17-10-2022

The descaled is reasonably priced, easy to use and appears to work well.

Door Andrew op 23-09-2022

Simple to use fantastic

Door Ruth op 22-09-2022


Door Maria op 06-12-2021

Great Product - Very happy with the tablets and Ill buy it again.'

Door Slvk op 01-12-2020

Great product - Since buying my coffee machine I have only used this Descaler ( apart from the free one which came with the machine). Much cheaper and equally as good as the one recommended by the manufacturer. Ordering is simple and delivery speedy. I would definitely recommend this product.

Door Sudsy op 10-11-2020

Eccellente Coffee Machine Descaler - Excellent service, very fast delivery and will definitely be buying more

Door Sandylou op 26-06-2019

Good Product - Need in bigger bottle! - The product itself is good. But when you need to buy 6-8 bottles you do wonder what you are doing to combat the use of single use plastic? If you provided these in larger bottles, the consumer would have less to dispose of (albeit bigger bottles - there would be less plastic.)<br>regards A

Door Ari op 25-06-2019

worth every penny - I was unsure whether to purchase the descaler, am glad I took the plunge. Fantastic for cleaning the coffee machine and also the kettle. I cant highly recommend the overall service and product from Descaler, worth every penny and much cheaper than the recommended products. '

Door Shabs op 30-05-2019

Perfect for our Nespresso One Coffee Maker - I can highly recommend the descaler, it was perfect for our Nespresso One coffee maker and a quarter of the price of the John Lewis product.<br> <br>I was very impressed with the ease of ordering on line, the short delivery and customer customer service.<br><br>Thank you.

Door mandab op 06-05-2019

As good as the real thing!, - This was my second purchase of the Descaler.Equally as good as the Delonghi product an less than half the price. Speedy delivery and well packaged.

Door Pedalmaiden op 01-05-2019

Good product. Does the job. - This is the second time I’ve bought this product, as I had run out of the first batch I bought. Very pleased with this descaler, which is half the price of the product supplied with my coffee machine, but every bit as good. No brainier, really. Happy to recommend this.

Door Solly op 19-03-2019

On time, on budget and it works! - This descaler is just the job for our elderly Saeco bean to cup machine - and its cheaper than the one produced by Saeco. I'm also delighted with the quality of service from Dirk and his team - prompt despatch and really helpful advice when I needed it.'

Door Rikki op 13-03-2019

Brilliant Descaler - Much better price than the alternatives and works perfectly - backed up by great service from Descaler UK in terms of quick delivery etc

Door James op 08-03-2019

Descaler - A great product works well and very reasonabley priced

Door Tony op 17-12-2018

Works well - I stopped using the coffee machine brand because I believe that it is grossly overpriced. I have used the Eccellente lactic acid descaler for over five years, as it works just as well and my coffee machine keeps working.

Door Franco op 12-08-2018

Descaler - Works excellent fast delivery

Door Tony op 04-06-2018

Ecological and Effective - I used this product for descaling my Philips Coffee machine. It works really well, is odourless and biodegradable. It did not negatively affect the taste of the coffee at all. I will definitely buy this product again.

Door Hilde op 05-04-2018

Good stuff - Ive bought this twice for my Dolce Gusto coffee machine. The descaler does a good job, but a pity it doesn't come in larger quantities. Or at least I don't see it. I used to use white vinegar but I think that's too harsh for the inner workings of the coffee machine, so that's when I discovered the lactic acid one. I can recommend it as the coffee machine works a bit faster after a treatment. '

Door Bombay Cat op 01-01-2018

I recomened to everyone. - Good staff, good prize, good service.

Door sasha_ms op 25-10-2017

Glad we found this product - Very easy to navigate webpage, easy to pay, easy peasy delivery and a great product that did the job! Plus, a fraction of the cost

Door Blondie op 07-10-2017

OK - Worked as advertised.Good at the price

Door Fred op 10-06-2017

Brilliant product for any descaling jobs - Brilliant product for any descaling jobs, shower head, kettle etc.<br>Very effective product and The Range price is half anyone else’s I have searched on line for.<br>I have been using Eccellente descaler for years.

Door Johnson op 19-09-2016

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