MIELE Cleaning Tablets (10 pcs)

MIELE Cleaning Tablets (10 pcs)

Miele cleaning tablets suitable for Miele coffee and espresso machines. Cleans your Miele coffee machine from grease deposits.
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10 Miele cleaning tablets, 2 grams each
Gives you 10 cleaning doses.

Miele coffee and espresso machines need to be cleaned after every 200 coffees. The capsule plate will get dirty sooner or later, depending on the fat content of the coffee used. Make sure to clean the capsule plate once a month with the supplied cleaning tablets, but no later than when the Miele coffee machine needs to be descaled.

Step 1. Press on the ribbed area and remove the capsule plate.
Step 2. Fill a container with hot water and completely dissolve a Miele cleaning tablet in it.
Step 3. Place the capsule plate in the container and leave for about 1 hour.
Step 4. Then wash the capsule plate with clean water and dry the part.
Step 5. Place the capsule plate back in the machine. The capsule plate needs to audibly click into place!! 

The Miele cleaning tablets do not descale. Use Miele descaling tablets for descaling.

Miele CVA 3660 / 5060 / 5065 / 4060 / 4085

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Very happy - Always use descaler as it’s a great company to deal with. Miele cleaning tablets are the best.

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Great - Great product and great service from descaler.

Door LNN op 08-07-2019

Good Product - Great Service - repeat customer

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Great - Fast and easy service. Great product. <br>Always use Descaler uk

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Easy to use Miele cleaning - These Miele Cleaning tablets are very easy to use.

Door Product reviewer - Descaler op 19-11-2015