ECCELLENTE Cleaning Tabs for Miele (10 pcs)

ECCELLENTE Cleaning Tabs for Miele (10 pcs)

Eccellente Cleaning Tabs for Miele coffee machines. Improves taste of your coffee and removes unwanted coffee oils and residues. Easy and safe to use cleaning tablets, economically priced.
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That's why coffee lovers love Eccellente products:

  • 365 days return policy
  • Developed and produced in-house
  • Extensively tested in our lab
  • Better for the environment & lowest price guarantee
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

Key features of Eccellente Cleaning Tabs

* Removes coffee residues and coffee oil
* Clean regularly for the most delicious coffee
* Affordable alternative to Miele
* Preserve the lifespan of your coffee machine



A pack of Eccellente Cleaning Tabs for Miele gives you 10 tablets for 10 cleaning doses. This allows you to properly maintain your Miele coffee machine. Clean on time and continue to enjoy the tastiest coffee. Your machine will tell you when a cleaning is needed.



10 Eccellente Cleaning Tablets for Miele coffee machines. 1,6 grams each for 10 cleaning doses.



Eccellente Cleaning Tabs for Miele do not have a descaling effect. For descaling, purchase Eccellente Descaling Tablets for Miele.

Name Cleaning Tabs for Miele (10 pcs)
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Application for a Miele fully automatic espresso machine with a cleaning program:
Please follow the instructions provided in your espresso machine's user manual.

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Cleaning Tabs for Miele (10 pcs)
Cleaning Tabs for Miele (10 pcs)
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