Claris Pro Aqua Water Filter Cartridge

MELITTA Claris Pro Aqua Water Filter Cartridge

MELITTA Claris Pro Aqua Water Filter Cartridge

8 reviews

Melitta Claris Pro Aqua Water Filter. Better tasting coffee for Melitta coffee machines. Can be used for 2 months or 50 litres.

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ECCELLENTE Claris Water Filter for Melitta

Water filter for Melitta coffee machines. The filter reduces the limescale build-up in your machine and enhances its durability. Improve the quality of the coffee by using soft and clean water.

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Product information

1 Melitta Pro Aqua Claris water filter
Cleans the water for 2 months

This water filter has been specially developed for Melitta coffee machines. It filters chlorine, copper, lead, pesticides and lime scale from the water and ensures cleaner and better tasting water. It protects the machine and prolongs its durability. The filter has an organic composition.

This filter is suitable for these Melitta coffMelitta ee machines: Melitta Caffeo Bistro, Melitta Purista, Melitta Caffeo Gourmet, Melitta Caffeo Solo, Melitta Caffeo Solo & Milk, Melitta Caffeo Lattea, Caffeo CI, Melitta Barista T, Melitta Barista, Melitta Varianza, Melitta Passione

Step 1. Place a container of at least 0,5 litres under the tube. 
Step 2. You can remove the old Melitta Water filter by hand or with an accessory. Turn anticlockwise. 
Step 3. Place the new Melitta Water filter.
Step 4. Rinse the machine. The water will collect in the container. Throw this water away.

If your hardness of water is higher than ± 7º German Hardness, a water-filter is highly recommended. You will prevent the chance of damage by lime scale and have better tasting coffee.

Claris Pro Aqua Water Filter Cartridge
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| MrB

Better Water - We live in a hard water area, you only have to look at the kettle to see what it does, as far as we can tell these filters help improve the water going through the coffee machine and hopefully the coffee machine will last longer because of them. Weve found them easy to use and they appear to do what they say they do. We do seem to get through them prettyt quickly, about 1 a month, we could reduce this but we like our coffee too much to do that. Seems like a great product and a provide a great service to keep us supplied.'

| Krzysz

Works well - The product itself fits the tank of the coffee maker well and does its job of filtering the water - as you would expect, as its the original manufacturer's part. Not particularly cheap, but still...'

| Nina

Great - very good value

| Tatty

Good service - Arrived on time, good service. To early to tell if firm or crumbly as not had need to use this batch yet. In the past from a different outlet some have been firm some crumbly. So we will find out in time.

| Anthony

Exact fit - Easy to install and has the proper date indicator so you can keep track of when you last changed the filter.

| GP

Excellent - Good price prompt delivery genuine product.

| pampar

good - easy to install and does what it says on the box

| Product reviewer Descaler UK

Good filter for great price - This filter works great, it increases the coffee quality!

4.9 stars based on 8 reviews
Claris Pro Aqua Water Filter Cartridge

Claris Pro Aqua Water Filter Cartridge

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