MELITTA Perfect Clean Cleaning Tablets (4 pcs)

MELITTA Perfect Clean Cleaning Tablets (4 pcs)

The Melitta Perfect Clean cleaning tablets are specially made for Melitta Caffeo coffee machines and Melitta espresso machines. Cleans your machine from coffee residue. Better tasting coffee.
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4 Melitta Cleaning Tablets
Good for 4 times cleaning a Melitta coffee machine



With Melitta Perfect Clean cleaning tablets you remove any coffee residues, coffee fats and coffee oils that are in your coffee machine. These tablets are designed to work very efficiently in your coffee machine. Melitta has a special cleaning formula, that will ensure a thoroughly cleaned coffee machine. 

Clean your espresso/coffee machine regularly, every 14 days or after 250 cups of coffee.

The Melitta Perfect Clean cleaning tablets are suitable for the following Melitta machines: Caffeo Bistro, Melitta Purista, Caffeo Gourmet, Caffeo Solo, Caffeo Solo & Milk, Caffeo Lattea, Caffeo CI, Barista T, Melitta Barista, Melitta Varianza, Melitta Passione.



One cleaning tablet from Melitta is good for one cleaning cycle. Take the maintenance instructions from your Melitta machine, in the maintenance instructions are the instructions on how to perform a cleaning cycle. Dependent on the type of machine, the Melitta Perfect Clean cleaning tablet can be placed directly in the powdered container for optimal cleaning.



Melitta Cleaning Tablets will not descale your coffee machine. Use Eccellente Coffee Machine Descaler for that.

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4.75 stars based on 15 reviews

Just what I needed!

Door Jane op 21-10-2023

Excellent service from Descaler

Door David op 26-04-2023

Nothing wrong with the product, but an issue with the online ordering process.

Door Rod op 21-02-2023

We never use anyone else and only these tablets for our coffee machine. Nothing else to say.

Door Phil op 12-01-2023

Good product, very easy to use!

Door Nicola op 07-06-2022

Perfect Perfect Clean Tablets - The Melitta Perfect Clean Tablets are used to clean the internal coffee grounds compactor and brewing chamber at approximately bimonthly intervals. Makes the internal mechanism look like new.

Door Algernon4 op 04-12-2020

Melitta cleaning tablets. - We have been using this for 3 years now. First class cleaning product.

Door JohnR op 28-11-2020

Cleaning tablets - Does what it says on the package will buy again

Door El triker op 27-11-2020

Melita cleaning tsblets - For the first time cleaning it was very easy .Just follow the signs the machine gives you done really quickly

Door Vonny op 13-11-2020

Melitta cleaning tabs. - Does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to use. Tried cheaper ones but these are much better.

Door Nolan op 30-03-2018

Does the job - The coffee system cleaning tablets are relatively simple to use in a Mellita machine, though the brewing unit need to be removed first. The product seems to work, though its hard to see; the use of it and the flushing afterwards produces some crud that is presumably better out than in.'

Door Krzysz op 23-02-2018

Does what it says - Cleansed my Melitta Cafeo Barista perfectly.

Door Kiwi op 26-09-2017

Excellent - Good price prompt delivery genuine product.

Door GP op 18-09-2017

Exceptional delivery time. - Ive often used your descaling tabs and cleaners and always find them topclass. But what really blows me away is your prompt delivery - and I'm in Ireland. You just couldn't do better. '

Door OCIANAIN' op 25-07-2017

Great Tablets for Melitta - Its a pity there are only four in a box but these tablets works great!'

Door Product reviewer Descaler UK op 27-02-2016

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Perfect Clean Cleaning Tablets (4 pcs)
Perfect Clean Cleaning Tablets (4 pcs)
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