ECCELLENTE Lubricating Grease & O-Rings for DeLonghi

ECCELLENTE Lubricating Grease & O-Rings for DeLonghi

Prevent damage by replacing and greasing the o-rings of your coffee machine! Lubricating Grease & O-rings is suitable for DeLonghi coffee machines with a removable central coffee unit.
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Product Information

Why do I need to use Eccellente lubricating grease and O-rings?

* Keeps your coffee machine in good condition
* Prolongs the life of your machine
* Specially made for DeLonghi coffee machines



This set will keep your machine running smoothly! The silicone grease ensures that the O-rings keep moving smoothly and are less likely to tear or break. So regularly lubricate your o-rings with Eccellente silicone grease! This set also includes 2 O-rings. Replace them on time to prevent leaks and damage to your coffee machine!

This set is suitable for the following DeLonghi coffee machine series:
Magnifica / Dinamica / ECAM / ESAM / PrimaDonna / Eletta / Perfecta / Autentica



- 1 tube of Eccellente lubricating grease, 10 grams
- 2 O-rings for DeLonghi
O-rings dimensions: outside diameter 43,6 mm |  inner diameter 35,2 mm | thickness: 4,2 mm.



This set does not include a descaler or water filter. You can find the Eccellente Coffee Care Set for DeLonghi with descaler and water filter here

- This product is also known as number 5332149100.
- O-rings are also known as sealing rings or gaskets

Name Lubricating Grease & O-Rings for DeLonghi
Article code 5332149100
SKU E-0576
EAN 9506138659987


All automatic DeLonghi coffee machine are equipped with a removable central coffee unit, the brewing unit. Take the brewing unit out of your coffee machine so it is easier to clean! You can clean your brewing unit with water and a cleaning brush.

You will need this for replacing the O-rings: screwdriver, brush, silicone grease and two O-rings for DeLonghi.

Step-by-step plan
Step 1. Remove the brewing unit from the machine and clean it under the tap;
Step 2. Unscrew the 5 screws from the brewing unit;
Step 3. Push the little pallet outwards and push the piston out, remove the O-rings from the piston at the same time;
Step 4. Remove the cogwheels and other parts;
Step 5. Clean all parts in water with a drop of detergent and a brush;
Step 6. Grease with Eccellente silicone grease the thread of the machine with a brush;
Step 7. Put the new O-rings on the piston and grease it with silicone grease;
Step 8. Grease the inside wall of the cylinder and the gearwheels with Eccellente silicone grease;
Step 9. Reassemble the brewing unit and place it back in the machine.

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great product, easy to fit and the usual very quick delivery from Descaler.

Door Richard op 23-06-2022

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