DELONGHI Milk Clean (250 ml)

DELONGHI Milk Clean (250 ml)

De'Longhi Milk Clean is an efficient milk-system cleaner which cleans all parts that come in contact with milk. Suitable for De'Longhi coffee machines. It works by breaking down the milk proteins and removing fats and residues.
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1 bottle of 250 ml Delonghi Milk Cleaner
Cleans your milk system 25 times.



A simple and effective cleaning solution to help remove milk deposits on traditional milk frothing and automatic milk frothing components on your coffee machine.

If your milk jug is spluttering, or if someone has forgotten to press the clean button immediately after use, then you can quickly clean and sanitise the jug by adding 10 ml of De'Longhi milk cleaner to the jug, along with 90 ml of water, and delivering the solution into a cup or jug by pressing the milk delivery button. Your milk jug will be restored to its very best once again.

Add this milk cleaner to your monthly machine cleaning routine – you will notice a marked improvement in milk delivery. Add a small amount of the solution to a cloth to remove milk deposits from the machine, leaving it clean, bright, and shiny.

For an effective and long-lasting clean of: the De'Longhi milk tube, the De'Longhi cappuccino maker nozzle, the IFD connection, the De'Longhi siphoning tube, the milk jug and the De'Longhi milk circuit.



Manual cleaning:
Step 1. Submerge the components that need cleaning in a 10% solution of lukewarm water and De'Longhi milk clean for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Use a brush to clean the less-accessible parts with a 10% solution of lukewarm water and De'Longhi milk clean.

Automatic cleaning:
Cleaning of the DeLonghi milk reservoir / DeLonghi milk circuit
Step 1. Pour a solution of 90 ml water and 10 ml De'Longhi milk clean into the milk reservoir.
Step 2. Place the milk reservoir on to the machine, place a reservoir under the nozzle of the delivery outlet and turn the froth switch, on the lid of the milk reservoir, to "Cappuccino".
Then, depending on the model, carry out the following procedure:
Step 3. Press the "Cappuccino" button twice for models which use keyboard or press the "Milk" button for models which use touch screen. 
Step 4. Wait until the milk reservoir is completely empty. 
Step 5. Remove any remaining water from the milk reservoir, fill it with clean water and repeat the cycle 3 or 4 times, starting from step 3.



This product does not descale. For descaling we recommend DeLonghi liquid descaler.

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