ECCELLENTE Coffee Oil Remover for Philips Saeco (10 pcs)

ECCELLENTE Coffee Oil Remover for Philips Saeco (10 pcs)

Eccellente Cleaning Tablets are a perfect alternative for Philips Saeco CA6704/10. An excellent cleaning cycle for your Philips coffee machine! Enhances coffee flavour.
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

The benefits of Eccellente Coffee Oil Remover

* Effectively removes coffee oil
* Extend the lifespan of your coffee machine
* Enhances coffee flavour
* Best value for money cleaning tablets for your Philips Saeco coffee machine



With Eccellente Coffee Oil Remover for Philips Saeco, you can effectively remove all leftover coffee residues and prevent blockages caused by coffee oil that accumulates over time. We recommended to clean your espresso machine immediately when your machine indicates it's time to clean. Cleaning every 14 days ensures an optimal performance of your espresso machine.

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the quality of your coffee and the lifespan of your machine. Over time, coffee oils can build up and affect the taste of your brew while also clogging the internal parts of the machine. By using these cleaning tablets, you can effectively remove these deposits and ensure that your Philips Saeco espresso machine continues to function at its best. By incorporating regular cleaning with Eccellente tablets into your maintenance routine, you can enjoy delicious coffee and extend the lifespan of your espresso machine.



10 Eccellente Coffee Oil Remover cleaning tablets suitable for Philips Saeco coffee machines.
Each tablet is 1.6 gram. Good for 10 full cleaning cycles.



Want to take good care of your Philips Saeco coffee machine? Then make use of the right water filter! The newer Philips coffee machines use the AquaClean water filter. Older types of coffee machines use the Intenza+ water filter.

Name Coffee Oil Remover for Philips Saeco (10 pcs)
Article code CA6704/10
SKU E-0262
EAN 0737212978536
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Instructions for Philips espresso machines:

Place a cup under the coffee spout.

Step 1. Fill the water reservoir with water.
Step 2. Insert an Eccellente cleaning tablet into the compartment for pre-ground coffee.
Step 3. Select the pre-ground coffee function.
Step 4. Press the start button to initiate the coffee brewing process.
Step 5. After brewing half a cup of coffee, turn off the machine and unplug it from the power outlet.
Step 6. Wait for 15 minutes to allow the coffee oil removal tablet to dissolve.
Step 7. Reconnect the machine to the power outlet and turn it on to complete the coffee brewing process.
Step 8. Empty the cup.
Step 9. Open the service door and remove the brew group.
Step 10. Rinse the brew group under the tap.
Step 11. Place the brew group back and position a cup under the coffee spout.
Step 12. Select the pre-ground coffee function. Press the start button and repeat this cycle twice.

Your Philips coffee machine is now fully cleaned!

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Coffee Oil Remover for Philips Saeco (10 pcs)
Coffee Oil Remover for Philips Saeco (10 pcs)
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