Maintain a Delonghi Magnifica S

8 December 2022
Maintain a Delonghi Magnifica S
Dirk Jan
Dirk Jan
In this blog, we explain how to maintain your DeLonghi Magnifica S.

Maintaining your appliance properly is vital if you want to enjoy your DeLonghi for a long time. Below you can read the full step-by-step plan + watch video to keep your machine in top condition.

Daily maintenance: - Take the steam nozzle off - Clean it under the tap - Take a cloth to remove the milk on the steam nozzle

Weekly maintenance: - Clean the steam nozzle machine every week or every other week with Eccellente milk system cleaner - Take the brewing unit out of the machine - Turn the machine off - Take the water tank out of the machine - Take the brew group out of the machine - Clean it under the tap with lukewarm water - Dry it with a cloth - Place it back in the machine - Place the water tank back in the machine

Monthly maintenance: - Descale the machine every month with the lactic acid descaler from Eccellente - Make sure to replace the water filter every 1 or 2 months

The quarterly maintenance: - Lubricate the brew group every quarter - Turn off the coffee machine - Take out the brew group - Grease all the moving parts

Watch this video for a guide with instructions for your DeLonghi Magnifica S: