Water Filter for SIEMENS EQ Series - Pack of 3

ECCELLENTE Water Filter for SIEMENS EQ Series - Pack of 3

ECCELLENTE Water Filter for SIEMENS EQ Series - Pack of 3

3 water filters for Siemens EQ Series. Pack of 3 Eccellente water filters compatible with Siemens Bosch Intenza. Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee and reduce limescale with these water filters!

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Enjoy the best coffee with filtered water! Product your espresso machine with water filters.

This Pack of 3 contains 3 Eccellente water filters for SIEMENS EQ SERIES, for 6 months of fresh filtered water. Also suitable for Siemens, Bosch and Neff coffee machines with Intenza water filter.

The Eccellente water filter Compatible with Bosch Siemens Intenza provides a good flavour development and will ensure a perfect coffee experience. It also increases the durability of your valuable espresso machine by protecting it from lime scale build-up. Using the filter reduces water pollutants like chlorine, lead or copper.

This water filter is suitable for Siemens, Bosch, Gaggenau & Neff. It has specialy been developed for coffee and espresso machines of SIemens and Bosch.

Suitlable for all Siemens EQ.series coffee machines
Siemens EQ3, Siemens EQ6, Siemens EQ9, Siemens EQ6 Plus, Siemens EQ.6 Plus S800, Siemens EQ9 S300, Siemens EQ.9 S500, Siemens EQ9 S500, Siemens EQ 300, Siemens EQ3 S100, Siemens EQ4, Siemens EQ400, Siemens EQ 500, Siemens EQ6 S100, Siemens EQ6 S500, Siemens EQ6 700, Siemens EQ6 Plus S300, Siemens EQ7 Plus, Siemens EQ7, Siemens EQ 700, Siemens EQ8 series 600, Siemens EQ8695, Siemens EQ8, Siemens EQ8681, Siemens EQ8693, Siemens EQ872DV01R, Siemens EQ8 series 900, Siemens EQ8 series 300, Siemens EQ9 S700, Siemens EQ9 Plus, Siemens EQ9 400, Siemens EQ9865, Siemens EQ6 Plus S800

Suitable for: Bosch: TCA7101, TCA7109, TCA7121, TCA7129RW, TCA7301, TCA7321, TCA73F1/03, TCA7601/02, TCA7601/03, TCA7621RW/03, TCC78K750/02, TCC78K750/03, TCC78K750/93, TCC78K750A/02, TCC78K750A/03, TCC78K750A/93, TCC78K750B/02, TCC78K750B/03, TCC78K750B/93, TCZ7003(00), VeroProfessional, VeroProfessional 100, VeroProfessional 300, EQ5, EQ.5, EQ7, EQ.7, EQ8, EQ.8 Siemens: TK76001/01, TK76001/02, TK76001/03, TK76001/92, TK76001/93, TK76001CH/01, TK76001CH/92, TK76001CH/93, TK76009/01, TK76009/02, TK76009/03, TK76009/04, TK76009/92, TK76009/93, TK76009CH/01, TK76009CH/92, TK76009CH/93, TK76009GB/01, TK76011/03, TK76201RW/03, TK76201RW/04, TK76209RW/03, TK76209RW/04, TK76501DE/03, TK76501DE/04, TK76509DE/03, TK76509DE/04, TK76F09/01, TK76F09/02, TK76F09/03, TK76F09/04, TK76F09/05, TK76F09/92, TK76F09/93, TK76K572/01, TK76K572/02, TK76K572/03, TK76K572/93, TK76K572CH/01, TK76K572CH/02, TK76K572GB/01, TK76K572GB/02, TK76K572GB/03, TK76K572GB/93, TZ70003(00), EQ7, EQ.7, EQ5, EQ.5, EQ8, EQ.8 Neff: CV77V60N01/01, CV77V60N01/02, CV77V60N01/03, CV77V60N01/93, CV77B60N0GB/01, CV77V60N0GB/02, CV77V60N0GB/03, CV77V60N0GB/93

Step 1. Remove the water reservoir of the coffee machine, discard any water in there and check if the reservoir is clean.
Step 2. Place the Intenza water filter in the reservoir. Push it all the way in with a slightly rotating motion.
Step 3. Fill the water reservoir with clean tap water and place it back in the machine.
Step 4. Flush through the espresso machine and discard the water.

If your hardness of water is higher than ± 7º German Hardness, a water filter is highly recommended. You will prevent the chance of damage by lime scale and have better tasting coffee.
Original product number Siemens Bosch 575491 | 467873 | TCZ7003 | TZ70003

Water Filter for SIEMENS EQ Series - Pack of 3
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Water Filter for SIEMENS EQ Series - Pack of 3

Water Filter for SIEMENS EQ Series - Pack of 3

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