ECCELLENTE Water Filter Compatible with Gaggia Intenza+

ECCELLENTE Water Filter Compatible with Gaggia Intenza+

Remove limescale deposits in your Gaggia coffee machine by using an Eccellente water filter! Prolong the life of your machine and make the tastiest coffee!
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That's why coffee lovers love Eccellente products:

  • 365 days return policy
  • Developed and produced in-house
  • Extensively tested in our lab
  • Better for the environment & lowest price guarantee
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Eccellente has been developed and produced by us and extensively tested in our lab. Our Eccellente products work at least as well and often better than the original product!

Product Information

The perks of using Eccellente waterfilter for Gaggia Intenza

* This filter is placed directly in the water tank
* Your machine is protected from the harmful effects of limescale
* It guarantees that the coffee is brewed with freshly filtered water
* This product has an unlimited shelf life



Remove limescale deposits in your Gaggia coffee machine with the Eccellente Brita intenza+ water filter for Gaggia! The Eccellente water filter purifies the water from impurities such as chlorine, lime and other organic contaminants. These impurities accumulate in the pipes of your coffee machine. By removing those impurities, your machine will last longer and your machine will make the tastiest cups of coffee!

Suitable for:
Gaggia Accademia, Gaggia Anima, Gaggia Brera, Gaggia Naviglio, Gaggia Platinum, Gaggia New Espresso, Gaggia New Baby, Gaggia Viva, Gaggia New Baby 06, Gaggia Espresso, Gran Gaggia, Gaggia Carezza



1 Eccellente Water Filter Compatible with Gaggia Intenza. This filter needs to be replaced after every 50 litres or every two months, whichever comes first.



If your water hardness is higher than ± 7˚ German hardness, we highly recommend a water filter!

Name Water Filter Compatible with Gaggia Intenza+
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Step 1. Remove the water reservoir and throw the current water away. Check if the water reservoir is clean.
Step 2. Hold the water filter under water with the use of a bowl for a few seconds. This will make the water filter fill itself up with water.
Step 3. Place the filter in the water reservoir. Push the water filter in the filter holder and give the water filter a small turn.
Step 4. Fill up the water reservoir with fresh water and put the water reservoir back in the coffee machine.
Step 5. First let a few cups of water run through the steam pipe before you use the machine again.

3 stars based on 1 reviews

Not as good as genuine one, flow rate is reduced. First 2 days turned water slightly milky

Door Carlo op 18-01-2022

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Water Filter Compatible with Gaggia Intenza+
Water Filter Compatible with Gaggia Intenza+
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