SIEMENS EQ Series - Brita Intenza Water Filter TZ70003

SIEMENS EQ Series - Brita Intenza Water Filter TZ70003

The Siemens EQ. series Intenza water filter guarantees your precious Siemens coffee or espresso machine. Prevents forming of limescale. Improves the taste and aroma of coffee and espresso. Two months filtered water. Suitable for your Siemens EQ. series!
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1 Siemens EQ.series - Intenza Water Filter
Good for 2 months of filtered water Product number TZ70003



To keep your machine performing longer, we recommend the use of a water filter. The Siemens EQ.series Intenza Water Filter is perfect for improving the taste of your coffee. A water filter reduces certain substances such as chlorine, lead, and copper. In addition, the Siemens EQ.series Intenza Water Filter protects against limescale build-up, which gives your Siemens machine a longer lifespan.

Our experts recommend the Siemens EQ.series Intenza Water Filter when the water hardness is higher than ±7˚ German Hardness. The higher the water hardness in your region, the more you can benefit from a water filter. You can set your water filter to a specific water hardness. Based on this, you can calculate when you need to replace your Siemens EQ Intenza Water Filter.

Capacity at different settings Soft water setting A: 50 liters (300 cups) Medium water setting B: 40 liters (250 cups) Hard water setting C: 30 liters (200 cups)


Suitable for all Siemens EQ.series coffee and espresso machines

- Siemens EQ300
- Siemens EQ500 Classic
- Siemens EQ500 Integral
- Siemens EQ700 Classic
- Siemens EQ700 Integral
- Siemens EQ900
- Siemens EQ3
- Siemens EQ3 S100
- Siemens EQ3 S300
- Siemens EQ6
- Siemens EQ6 Plus S100
- Siemens EQ6 Plus S300
- Siemens EQ6 Plus S400
- Siemens EQ6 Plus S500
- Siemens EQ6 Plus S700
- Siemens EQ6 Plus S800
- Siemens EQ7
- Siemens EQ7 Plus
- Siemens EQ8
- Siemens EQ8 serie 300
- Siemens EQ8 serie 600
- Siemens EQ8 serie 900
- Siemens EQ9 S300
- Siemens EQ9 S400
- Siemens EQ9 S500
- Siemens EQ9 S700
- Siemens EQ9 Plus S300
- Siemens EQ9 Plus S400
- Siemens EQ9 Plus Connect S500
- Siemens EQ9 Plus Connect S700

This water filter can also be used in Siemens built-in coffee machines.



Despite the water filter, you may still need to descale periodically. This is because the water filter allows a small amount of limescale through for the taste of the coffee.

Name EQ Series - Brita Intenza Water Filter TZ70003
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1. Remove the water reservoir, discard any water present, and check that the reservoir is clean.
2. Place the Siemens Bosch Brita Intenza Water Filter in the reservoir. Press firmly until the end while making a slight turning motion.
3. Fill the water reservoir with fresh drinking water and replace it in the coffee machine.
4. Flush the coffee machine. Discard this water.
5. The Siemens Bosch Brita Intenza Water Filter is now properly flushed and ready to use!

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EQ Series - Brita Intenza Water Filter TZ70003
EQ Series - Brita Intenza Water Filter TZ70003