Claris Water Filter

SIEMENS Claris Water Filter

SIEMENS Claris Water Filter

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Improve the quality of the coffee with softer and cleaner water. Claris Water Filter for Siemens coffee machines. Suitable for Siemens / Bosch / Gaggenau / Neff .

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ECCELLENTE Claris Water Filter for Siemens

Water filter for Siemens coffee machines. The filter reduces the limescale build-up in your machine and enhances its durability. Improve the quality of the coffee by using clean, pure and great-tasting water.

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Product information

Siemens Claris water filter. 
Filters the water for 2 months.

The Siemens Claris water filter provides an enhanced flavour to make the best possible cup, ensuring a perfect coffee experience. It also increases the durability of your coffee and espresso machine by protecting it from the harmful effects of limescale. Using the water filter reduces the presence of pollutants such as chlorine, lead and copper.


Step 1. The coffee machine needs to be switched on.
Step 2. Place a container (at least 0.5 litres capacity) beneath the tube.
Step 3. Remove the old filter by hand or with an accessory by turning anticlockwise.
Step 4. Place the new Siemens Claris water filter in the water reservoir.
Step 5. Press and hold ‘P’ on the display for about 3 seconds.
Step 6. Select ‘FILTER YES/NEW’.
Step 7. Press "P". The indicator light will start to flash.
Step 8. Finish the programme by pressing the ‘/| ‘ key.
Step 9. The machine will be automatically rinsed and the water will collect in the container. You can throw this water away.

If you live in a hard-water area, then using a water filter is highly recommended. You will prevent the damage that can be caused by limescale and have better-tasting coffee.

Claris water Filter for Bosch, Siemens and Neff coffee and espresso machines.
Product number 461732 | TCZ6003 | TZ60003

Claris Water Filter
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E-0036 - E0036 - TZ60003 - TZ6003 - 00461732 - 461732 - 00310984 - 310984
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Great product. - We have been using this filter for a long time. Does what it’s meant to do. Our water supply is hard and produces scale very quickly. This water filter is essential.

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Claris Water Filter

Claris Water Filter

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