NIVONA Claris Water Filter

NIVONA Claris Water Filter

Claris water filter for Nivona. Protects your coffee machine from limescale. Reduce the number of times you need to descale your Nivona machine.
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1 Nivona Claris water filter good for filtering 50 litres of water.



Optimally maintain your Nivona espresso machine with a water filter. This will reduce the need to descale your machine and make your coffee taste better due to the soft and pure water. Together, these filters filter as much as 50 litres of water. And can be clicked right into your Nivona coffee machine.

We advise you to replace the water filter once every 2 months for the best results.



For deliciously soft and pure water, try our Eccellente water filter. Just as good at a lower price.

Name Claris Water Filter
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