MIELE Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

MIELE Descaling Tablets (6 pcs)

Suitable for Miele coffee and espresso machines. Also for descaling a Miele steam oven. Citric acid based Miele descaling tablets. Effectively removes limescale from your coffee machine. Avoid problems - descale regularly!
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6 Miele descaling tablets, 50 grams each
Gives you 3 to 6 descaling doses.

Your Miele coffee machine needs to be descaled regularly to remove harmfull limescale. Only then will the coffee machine function perfectly. To remind you of it, the Miele coffee machine has a special checking function.

If you can still make 50 coffees till the next descaling, a message is displayed, saying: “Number until descaling: 50”. This count down message will now appear after every coffee, espresso, steam, hot water. When the counter reaches 0, the machine will be blocked and the message “Descale - Start” is displayed. You will have to descale the Miele machine before you can make any more beverages!

In order to descale, use the Miele descaling tablets and the coloured descaling funnel!

Please keep to the mixing solution as stated on the packaging of the descaler. It could otherwise damage the Miele coffee / espresso machine. If any splashes should land on the front of the machine, while descaling, remove them immediately or it will blemish the front. After descaling, clean the water reservoir and container thoroughly. No descaler residue should be left behind!

The display will guide your descaling. Carry out the stated procedures like emptying the container, filling the water reservoir, etc. Once you push the OK button, there is no way to abort the descaling programme. The programme will have to run its course. This is a safety measure to ensure a correct descaling of the machine. Descaling is very important for the durability and performance of the machine.

1. When the message to add the descaler to the water reservoir is displayed, take the water reservoir from the machine and fill it to the marked level with lukewarm water. Never add a less amount of water to the water reservoir or the descaling programme will be aborted prematurely.
2. Then add 1 or 2 Miele descaling tablets to the water. Let them dissolve completely before you close the water reservoir and place it back in the coffee machine.
3. The waste container can be used as collecting container. Take the waste container from the Miele machine and place it under the nozzle and the steam valve.
4. Removing the capsule plate and placing the descaling funnel. Open the door and remove the capsule plate completely.
5. Replace it with the coloured descaling funnel.
6. Open the valve by pushing the slide switch down till it clicks into place.
7. It takes at least 5 minutes before the descaling programme will start. During this time the Miele descaling tablets dissolve in the water. If it takes longer to start, the coffee machine is still too hot. During the descaling a little bit of the water and descaler solution will flow through the steam valve and nozzle, followed by an activation period, then a little more of the solution will flow through, etc. The display will show you how long this process will approximately take.
8. When the message to add clean water to the reservoir is displayed, make sure to wash the water reservoir thoroughly with clean water (no descaler residue should be left behind!), then fill it to the marked level with clean tap water.
9. Also empty the waste container.

While rinsing, water flows from both openings. Seeing as the inside of the machine is also rinsed, make sure to repeatedly empty the collecting container in order for the rinsing process to continue. When the message ‘programme finished’ is displayed, the machine has been descaled. The Miele coffee machine will have one last short rinse and then you are able to make beverages again.

Miele CVA 2660 4085 6431 6401 6405 6800 6805 3660 5060 5065.
Miele CM 6110 6310 7300

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